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7 Hugest Lotto Fans Among Celebrities

People have always been interested in ways to gain money, and that doesn’t change with the social status of a financial bank statement. The reason behind it is the anticipation, the desire to win the prize and be the luckiest winner. Feeling better with knowing that we are special, and we want to get an award without any effort at all.

One great motivator behind the lotto machinery and the desire of so many people playing it is the money. The world revolves around the money, and unfortunately, many people don’t have it enough. The idea behind lotto success is that one small investment and your luck can be sufficient to turn your life around. All love fairy tales and a massive change for the better in our lives is something that all of us would welcome with open arms.

Having money is like thirst on a hot day – soon after having a glass, you will want more. The pursuit of cash never ends – we need it every day for food, bills, socializing, clothes, education, and everything else in between. We need it for anything we need, and we can’t get enough of it! Playing lotto is one of the ways to enrich our bank account.

Why do celebrities play lotto?

One thing is understanding when people who don’t have a lot of money play lotto. They usually have a reason for it – they either need it for starting a business, paying for their kids’ education, medical bills, purchasing a home, or anything else that we would consider “normal” expenses.

However, celebrities have plenty of money to buy houses, cars, education, travels and anything else that they may need. So, what’s the reason behind it? It may just be the excitement and expectation. So, here are a few celebrities that are huge fans of lotto:

1. Paris Hilton

Source: StyleCaster

Paris is known as one of the wealthiest people on the face of the earth. She is the heiress of the Hilton empire and used to be a part of the tv show “The Simple Life“, and she’s known by hitting the clubs every chance she gets. She is a celebrity that probably doesn’t even know how much money she has. Well, she was spotted while buying lotto tickets. Who would have thought?

Considering that the jackpot is more than 30 million euros, the only thing we can say is “go, Paris!” She said that if she ever wins the prize, she will donate 10% of it to the charity.

2. Madonna

Source: Hannah Lemke

Madonna is known for many things- her music changed the world scene, and she is unique in so many ways. Besides having a killer body even in her 60s, the vast hits that brought her a ton of money, she is also known as the big fan of lotto.

She buys lotto tickets regularly and 8 years ago she even won a $100,000 prize. The reason we love her, even more, is that she didn’t spend it for some foolish things – she gave the money for building a school in Malawi. Hats off for her generous heart!

3. Hillary Clinton

Source: Newsweek

Hilary Clinton bought a Powerball ticket from Lottoland since she is a huge fan of lotto. She didn’t win the prize, but when we think about it – she is too much of a lady to say it even she won it. We are sure that the money would end up in a charity, so we’ll keep the fingers crossed that she wins.

4. 50 Cent

Source: 50 Cent

If you’ve ever listened to rap music, you’ve listened to 50 Cent, that’s for sure. He is an extremely business oriented talented artist who has been successful for years.

He is known for trying out new things, acting in movies, and investing in various products, such as vitamin water, power drinks, vodka, clothes, and many others. He loves making money, and playing lotto are one of his ways to increase his wealth.

5. Simon Cowell

Source: Variety

Simon is known as one the richest and meanest American Idol judges. He still plays the lottery even though he has enormous wealth. It is probably his way to stay down to earth. Also though he talks about playing the lottery, winning the lottery is a whole other story. He says that he always checks the box that says “no publicity”, so even he already won we wouldn’t know.

6. Hugh Jackman

Source: Hello Magazine

Known by his fantastic performance in the movies, primarily as Wolverine in X-man. He is generally known as a very kind human being and a fun person to talk to. He is also known as the lotto lover.

Reportedly, he wanted to apologize to every single cast crew for not remembering their name by purchasing lottery tickets for everyone. If this isn’t kind, we don’t know what it is! We are not sure if anyone won the prize, but we hope so.

7. Wayne Rooney

Source: Goal.com

This incredible football player is amazing at what he does. He doesn’t purchase the lotto tickets by himself. His friends bring the lotto tickets to him. Even though he has millions in the bank and doesn’t have to work a day in his life, he enjoys playing lotto. Because he likes the thrill of anticipating the outcome. Well, Rooney, we completely understand, we love it too!

These were the biggest fans of playing lotto among celebrities. We bet some of them were a complete surprise, but they are only human, and it is entirely understandable that they want to keep some sense of having a normal life.

These are a few of the most talented individuals and the most successful people on the planet.

Even though they have it all – the life that anyone would wish to have, lots of money. This means to go anywhere they want, having some thrill while playing the lotto certainly adds a little spice to the everyday life that all of us need in order to fully enjoy everything that life has to offer.