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How to Properly Use a Face Mask – 2024 Guide

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While many of us believe that 2024 will be the year when we start driving electric cars, companies become more eco-friendly and that the human race will do a lot more to preserve our planet, we were unfortunately met with something completely opposite or different. We are in a situation where we have to wear face masks everywhere we go, wash our hands and do a bunch of other preventive tasks. We are doing this all of this because of the already popular coronavirus that has struck every country around the world with speed like we haven’t seen before.

Just because the virus is spreading fast does not mean we need to start panicking and creating chaos because we are smart and powerful enough to prevent it from infecting other people and even completely curing it. Scientists and researchers are working 24/7 to develop a vaccine that will save us from this horrible problem.

However, until then, even regular people (not doctors or scientists) can do a lot to help with the situation. What we can do is to start being more aware of our surroundings and our hygiene. By wearing face masks, washing our hands and not touching our faces, we can prevent the virus from spreading it. The fewer people infected, the faster we can get out of this situation.

Washing your hands properly and not touching your face is something that is easy to do, but unfortunately, finding the right type of face mask is not easy. Many companies are producing fake or ineffective masks that won’t prevent the spread of the virus. To help you find the right one, here is a guide for 2024.

Be careful what kind of masks you purchase

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It is unfortunate that with the appearance of the coronavirus (known as COVID-19), many companies around the world try to profit from this awful situation. It is not so negative that they are trying to make money out of this, but the fact that they are trying to scam people by advertising that their products provide protection from the virus. This is not true, especially if the masks are made from things such as regular plastic, or some other decorative material.

So, if you see that your favorite fashion designer has made a face mask and has priced it several hundred dollars does not mean that they will protect you from COVID-19. You will have to do some searching online or in your local pharmacy and find ones that can provide you with real protection.

If you need protection from such particles, you will need to find something that is labeled with the term N95. N95 masks have a filter that will protect you from airborne particles with more than 95% efficiency. Click here for more information.

When should you wear a respirator

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If you are not up to date with the precautions and protocols that the World Health Organization has set, you should know that wearing a respirator all the time won’t be as effective as you think. It is heavily advised that they should be worn by people that are already infected with the virus or those that are constantly in contact with such people.

For example, if you have a family member that is suffering from COVID-19 and if you still haven’t gotten sick then you should probably wear one, but immediately dispose of it after ten minutes of use. Once the filters of the respirator become moist from your breathing. And a moist surface of certain materials makes it easier for the particles from a sick person to stick better, increasing your chances of getting infected. If you are in contact with someone who is infected by the coronavirus, you should click here to find an effective medical mask.

We should also note that panic buying respirators can also lead to a shortage of them which can prove as a problem for hospitals, doctors and other medical staff. They are the people that are in constant contact with patients suffering from COVID-19 and we should do everything in our power to prevent them from getting infected.

How to properly use a mask

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If you read the text above and you still think that you should wear one, you should also know how to properly wear it.

The first thing you need to do after purchasing it is to check whether it is in perfect condition. If there are any visible rips or tears on it, you should probably throw it away and buy a new one. To properly examine it, you can put it up next to a lightbulb. The lighting will make it easier to spot any holes in the filter.

Assuming that you determined that the filters are not damaged after the examination, it is time to put it on. First, pull the two loops on the sides over your ears and then expand the mask under your chin and over your nose. There shouldn’t be any big gaps on the bottom, side or top of the mask. If there are any, it is either damaged or you have put it on correctly. Keep in mind that there is a bottom and top side of a mask.

When putting on the mask, make sure that you do not grab it because you might tear the filters or maybe even contaminate them with bacteria. Do not touch it while wearing it and if you plan on taking it off, make sure that you grab it by the loops. Once you are done wearing the respirator, you will need to wrap it and properly dispose of it.

We should also note that the respirator will need to be replaced once you notice bodily fluids have stuck on it on the inside or outside. You should also never try to reuse it, wash it or recycle.

We hope that this guide for properly wearing a respirator has taught you something and that it will help you stay safe during this pandemic.