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How to Grow Instagram Followers Organically?

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Instagram has become one of the most famous platforms for communicating with the masses. If you are an influencer or a brand who want to have a strong visual relationship with your targeted audience, you will have to focus on playing with various strategies for the promotion of your Instagram platforms – there is so much to play with such as the Instagram Ads, Instagram Business Accounts and Instagram TV.

So how to increase your followers organically on Instagram? Well, there are two ways – spend money on paid followership or grow your Instagram followers organically.

If you are interested in the organic growth of your Instagram account, then we havFe compiled some amazing guidelines to help you in the process. you will not have to spend even a single penny, but you will need to be patient and consistent with your efforts – Instagram organic growth takes time! However, slowly and steadily, you will be able to build an authentic audience for your Instagram platform.

You might need to use some apps such as Gramvio to find your potential audience and target them specifically. Here are some amazing ideas:

1. Focus on Creating Engaging Content

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Instagram is a visual platform where users view millions of photos and videos every single day – if you want to stand out in the crowd, you will have to focus on grabbing people’s attention. But, how to do it? The best method is to create a powerful engaging content that people love, comment, and share.

If you are not sure about what type of content is called engaging content- then the first thing you need to know is that video content and video posts get more engagement as compared to the images. The task might seem difficult in the beginning but don’t worry – you can get professional services, or you can use various online marketing tools and platforms for creating the video content.

What should be the basic theme of your content? Well, at first take a deep breath, find your audience, study their interests, and then try to create content that is relatable to your audience. Create what they want to see!

Another way of grabbing user attention is to post regarding viral topics on your Instagram newsfeed. You can get the idea from YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter. Who doesn’t want to stay updated?

Moreover, you can also use hashtags for getting organic growth of your followers. Understanding the game of hashtags and utilizing them properly can help a quite in attracting a larger number of Instagram users.

2. Schedule Your Posts on Instagram

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Once you create some fresh and inspiring content, what is the next step? When to post it on the newsfeed? Well, the trick is to stay active on the platform and keep making appearances. Therefore, you can schedule your Instagram posts daily, weekly, or monthly. Also, remember to make a post at the right time – for example, if you are posting something regarding traveling and tourism, it is more likely to attract your audience on Fridays.

It depends on your specific niche – find what time frame will be the most suitable for capturing your potential audience’s attention and report accordingly.

3. Compile a list of the Instagram Accounts that Create Content Specific to Your Niche

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If you are a beginner in the field and don’t have an exact idea regarding how to speak with your audience then you can get some insight by looking at the content of major competitors in your niche. You need to understand their published content. Hence, you can analyze various factors such as their topics, their posting frequency, their way of communication. In fact, exploring your competitor’s approach will assist you a lot in building a template for your Instagram profile.

4. Follow Your Competitors’ Followers

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One of the trickiest parts for getting more organic followers is to connect with those users who are interested in your niche. How to find them? Well, there is a simple way – you can follow the followers of your competitors.

However, be slow and steady in the process as you can’t follow more than 50 or 100 people in a day or your Instagram account will be suspended.

5. Show your Presence to the Followers

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If you are really interested in getting the Instagram followers organically and authentically, then you will need to put some effort and dedication. It is a time taking and demanding process – you need to make people notice you. Hence, try communicating with your potential users by leaving comments for them or mentioning them in your own posts.

6. Become a part of an Engagement Group

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You can learn a lot from your fellow Instagram community discussing their tactics and techniques. These groups are quite helpful in terms of communication and you can easily undergo an exchange of useful information to get an idea of how the Instagram world is proceeding.

If it is a bigger group, you have more chances of growth. you will be getting immediate comments and likes after posting the content and get featured on the Instagram Explore Page.

7. Stay Consistent and Keep Repeating

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Engaging your followers on Instagram can take quite a lot of time. if you are not spending money on paid followers, then be consistent and wait for the results. It can be a long process as getting the first 1000 followers can take up to a month!

It means you will have to plan ahead before hoping for a big difference and you have to keep posting content if you feel that your growth is quite slow.

Building a true audience is not easy but it promises your high-quality and loyal audience. If you are looking for some consumers, then it is the best kind of audience- because numbers don’t matter, what matters is that your audience is really interested in what you talk and what you post. They can be your ideal clients. So, stay steady and keep trying to grow your Instagram followers organically – it is a promising technique and provides long-lasting benefits.