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How Much Does It Cost to Do A Dissertation?

Hiring someone to write your dissertation is not the best academic practice. However, some students are working while schooling and do not have the time for their research. Hiring a consultant to write with you is a viable option. Some top research papers are written with the input of a consultant, and yours can be one of them.

This article tells you what a dissertation is and what it costs to write one. We also discussed what influences the cost of writing a dissertation.

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What is a Dissertation?

A dissertation is a research project a student completes as part of the requirements for obtaining a doctorate. A dissertation is often referred to as a thesis. However, according to dissertationteam.com, they are not the same.

The major difference is the purpose for which it is written and the academic level for which it is written. A thesis is written to obtain a master’s degree while a dissertation is a requirement for a doctorate.

Also, a thesis is meant to show the student’s understanding of the taught lessons and the field of study. A dissertation, on the other hand, is an original research of the doctorate student.

In some countries, both terms are used interchangeably, while in some, a dissertation is strictly used in reference to a Ph.D. degree.

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The Cost of Writing a Dissertation

There is no fixed cost for writing dissertations. Several factors come into play. The area of knowledge, the research methodology, and other factors determine the price of writing your dissertation.

Some consultants may charge higher than others. Also, since you are working with the consultant, the cost of writing may be lesser.

What Determines the Cost of Writing a Dissertation?

There is no fixed cost for writing a dissertation. Several factors mediate in the pricing process. Some of them are:

  • Individual or Company Prices

You may decide to employ the services of an individual or a writing company to write your dissertation.

Enlisting the services of a writing company has its merits and demerits. With a company, you are sure to get your work done at the right time. The company is headed towards guarding their reputations and securing a good rating.

Companies pay their workers based on the number of writings they turn in and customer satisfaction. With this, the writers are more committed to satisfying you.

With a company, you are sure of getting your work done. This factor will affect pricing. Some writing companies charge high because they have to pay their writers and cater to other logistic needs. If you employ an individual, it may be cheaper because you are dealing with the individual directly.

Using both a company and an individual may not matter so much because you can request for adjustment at any time. If you are not satisfied with the delivery, you can ask for a rewrite, addition, subtraction, or as you need.

  • The Area of Knowledge

The area of knowledge can also determine the prize. The methodology will differ according to the field. Some topics in the science and mathematical domain may require more research and reading.

Some topics in the humanities may require a qualitative method of data gathering that may not be as time and energy consuming as a quantitative research method. Some issues within the humanities domain can involve an observational or participatory approach of data collection.

It will attract extra charges for traveling and logistics. Some may require that the writer carry out an interview and research extensively on the topic before and during writing. However, most dissertations only call for gathering data from the library and online sources involving journals, books, and interviews.

  • The Turn-In Time

The time you request the assistance of a writer and the turn-in time will determine the charges. If timing is short, then it will be considered as express delivery. In this case, it will attract more money. Where the turn-in time spans some months or several weeks, the writer will charge lesser than the former case.

Some writers request up to 720 hours of work, spending up to 8 hours on the thesis daily for 90 days. This time is the space of three months. Some writers will request lesser time, and some will need more.

Sometimes, the topic and area of the thesis will determine the time it will take. If the research is such that it will take time, the writer will need ample time for research and writing.

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  • The Length of the Thesis

The number of pages the dissertation will take will determine the price you will pay for it. Some academic departments stipulate the number of pages while some give a wide range. Some departments do not restrict your work.

The higher the number of pages a dissertation requires, the higher the amount of money to be paid for it.

  • The Amount of Work

The amount of work the writer will do will impact on the price. Some writers only research, write and proofread. If you get some of the materials for the writer, it will take off some amount from your bill.

There are writers whose services include getting the necessary information, researching, writing, printing, binding, and delivering. They will source for information and carry out the research. After that, they will proofread it and let you go through it and make necessary adjustments. Then, they will print, take it for binding, and deliver it to you.

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The cost of writing a dissertation is not constant or fixed. It is flexible and depends on several factors, including the area of knowledge and the time duration you give to the writer. The amount of work and the length of the dissertation can also determine how much it will cost you to get it written.