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How Covid impacted to the Betterment of Education

After the outbreak of COVID-19 from China, the world is facing one of humanity’s biggest crises. Almost every country has been affected by this disease, and it is seen to affect every sector of the industry. To date, there have been a million cases worldwide with a number of fatal cases as well.

Global Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic

The extent of the damage will depend on how quickly the virus will be contained. Every country is taking the necessary steps to control it, and governments are providing enough economic support during this pandemic. However, in developed countries, the Government has the capacity to support the economy, but it is quite difficult for the developing countries. The countries had suddenly called for a total lockdown, which made it difficult for many migrants. Also, there were many people who became jobless, homeless, which is making the problem even worse.

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Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic on the education sector

However, another area of concern is the education of the students. Many countries have rightly decided to close the schools, colleges, and universities until the situation is normalized. But, it has definitely affected the education of the students. This has led to moving towards online education and learning. There are online learning platforms like Simplilearn, which are offering online courses that you can take up while staying at home.

Teachers are adopting online methods of teaching so that they can impart the daily lessons to their students. Student assessments are also moving online with a lot of trial and error. The closure of the educational institutions has not only interrupted the students all over the world, but it has also impacted the assessment process due to which many exams have been called off or postponed.

In the case of higher education, many colleges are replacing the traditional examination with online assessment methods. This is a new area for both the teachers and students, and so there will be trial and error in implementing this method. However, there are many benefits of e-learning that you should know as it might gain more popularity and importance in the near future. Here are some of the benefits of e-learning that you should consider:

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  • E-learning accommodates everyone’s needs, and this online method is one of the educational methods that is best suited for everyone.
  • Lectures can be taken at any number of times, and unlike classroom teaching, with the help of online learning methods, you can access the content, an unlimited number of times. This can especially be helpful at the time of examination to revise the lessons. Also, it has an advantage over traditional learning, and if you cannot attend the lecture, you can easily access the lectures whenever you want according to your comfort.
  • The online learning process is self-driven and self-paced. At the start of the e-learning process, there are chances that everyone will have the same level of knowledge and experience. So, most of the students might learn quicker or slower than the others. Also, most of them might be more familiar with the topics than the others. The benefit of e-learning is that the students can learn at their own pace that suits their needs. This also means that they will not be put under unnecessary pressure, or they do not have to fit in with the pace of others.
  • One of the major benefits of e-learning is that these kinds of web-based training courses mean that there will be digital record keeping and administration. With online learning methods, the students can register online without the need for pens and papers. Also, at any time of the day, the administration staff can log in and pull out reports in order to identify the employees so that they can know who has started the course, who has finished the course, and who still needs more training.

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  • Almost all the lessons will be delivered digitally, but sometimes there might be live facilitation and support from the expert faculties. A benefit is that they can learn in their own time and own place and can still access experts who are always there for your support. There will also be question and answer sessions, webinars, etc. which gives the students a platform to seek guidance and allow them to get access to live tutorials, which you can refer to anytime.
  • It can also help in collaboration and community building. The learning process can be lonely, but it needs social interactions. E-learning will, however, help to build community interaction. It provides a platform where you can share your knowledge with others as well. This way, you can learn and teach each other in a better and effective way. Also, engagement with other learners will foster more collaboration and team culture, which benefits the learning process in a much better way.
  • Online learning also incorporates interactive elements and also allows learners to get immediate feedback. This is another great benefit of online learning. Also, you can get immediate assessments that can help you to determine how well you are doing in your course of learning. Additionally, to make the learning process even better, there are certain gamification features that keep the learners hooked up to the learning process, and this, in turn, motivates them to learn in a better and effective way.
  • The E-learning process is scalable and consistent, and every instructor will have their own method of teaching, and so online training provides consistent and standardized training. Each learner will go through the same experience regardless of when and where they take the course.
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With all these benefits, you can consider taking up courses and enjoy the benefits of e-learning. This way, you can start your journey of the never-ending learning process more effectively.

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