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How Casinos Are Contributing to the GDP of Las Vegas?

It is known to the world, how casinos in Las Vegas contribute to the Gross Domestic Product, GDP of the city. On a wider picture, it is the tourism of Las Vegas which brings in the money to the city. It is mainly because tourists and travelers all over the world come to be a part of the ultra-glamorous life here. One may call it an environment that reminds of a song and dance performances from a Broadway. The entertainment and trill here is out of the world and the ambience is extravagant. Anyone who visits the place for the first time is sure to get struck by the glitz of Vegas. If you visit the site of reputed casino deutsches-casino-online.de, you can understand how interesting the games are and why so many people are getting addicted to casino with each passing day.

The entire city is decorated with beautiful and colourful lights for everyone to witness the amazing nightlife, especially first-time visitors. Las Vegas is known for the clubs, fine dine and wine, shopping and the nightlife which stands apart from the likes of similar places. Las Vegas, also known as the Sin City, gives an experience that will be memorable for all the coming years. The hotels here in Las Vegas are not just ‘hotels’, they have built-in casinos for the residents to play while they stay.

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Each and every hotel in Las Vegas has their very own and personal gambling zone. These are a two in one lodging facility that is provided here – casino in a hotel. In Vegas, nobody can be stopped from gambling. Once anyone sees a slot machine, life takes him or her to another world. Here onwards, things are different because a player is bound to get hooked to the games available here. The growing economy of Las Vegas gets a huge contribution from both the tourism and casino industry. It is a constant element that accelerates the businesses for generating income of the city.

The casino industry has, over a period of time, become a strong part of the culture of Las Vegas. Gambling here, in the casinos, is a common factor which a player enjoys while this also contributes to the GDP. The contribution happens when the money is generated by the hotel, which leads to growth in the economy. Since the last few years, gambling activities has changed, rather, has seen an evolution in the city. New games like sports betting, e-sports, keno and bingo have also been introduced. Technology and the digital industry has taken gambling and casino games to a newer height.

Casinos in Las Vegas are growing and with that the employment sector of the city is also developing. Since a couple of years, most of the casinos have been hiring a lot of people and the number easily ranges from 4,000 to 8,500. This number has been shared by the Department of Employment, Nevada. This shows how employment and economic growth is dependent on the gambling sector and its significance.

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Casino Revenue Outcome for the year 2017 – 2018

The onset of 2017 saw a great drop in the revenues for almost a quarter and prices were also low in the stock trading market. Slowly and steadily, during the first half of the year, in 2017, the GCB – Gaming Control Board of Nevada released reports that the total profits had gone up by a huge percentage of 191.4. This growth is entirely credited to tourism and sports which includes the gambling sector. Following this, in the first two quarters of 2017, that is Q1 and Q2, Las Vegas generated a whopping amount of 814 million dollars.

Across the entire state of Nevada, there are at least 272 casinos and the cumulative growth of income was reported to be at 59.1 percent. Furthermore, it has been reported that until the year 2024, there are 6 huge projects that are coming up. The importance of casinos, in the success of the economic growth of Nevada and Las Vegas, cannot simply be ignored or can go without a mention. It can be further mentioned that the availability of a hotel room has increased by 6 percent.

The mentioned 6 percent is equal to 9,000 rooms in a hotel and this also gives rise to the development of new hotels. Up and coming are hotel projects by Marriott with 4,000 rooms in their resort. In addition to this, Resorts World of Las Vegas casino will have 3,000 rooms to it’s name and similarly Paradise Park will see the rise of 1,500 rooms. By the end of 2019, Virgin Hotels will acquire the group of Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and this will undergo a major transformation and refurbishment

The industry giants are looking at launching new promotional schemes and offers including bonuses of different kinds. This is to add to the facilities given out to the players which add to the extravaganza of the setting. By doing this, they do not have to reduce their costs and competition will also be on with different hotels. It is quite evident that the casino industry does contribute a lot to Las Vegas’s GDP. Irrespective of the highs and lows that the economy of a place faces, Las Vegas keeps building it stronger via its casino and tourism industry.

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Every year, Las Vegas’s casino sector plus the tourism industry brings in a lot of visitors from all around the globe. It has been clearly understood how casinos provide a huge impact of the economy and GDP of Las Vegas. In 2016, data reveals that the GDP generated during that time on a per capita basis was 44,810 dollars. Meanwhile, way back in 2005, it was measured to be 54,548 dollars. It is evident that 2005 was more progressive that 2016, nonetheless work to keep doing better is going on.

As per reports, Las Vegas’s last year’s economy was not as powerful as it was calculated to be as well as other gambling markets. In 2017, the number of visitors and tourists also went down which saw a rise in 2019. Casino revenues that come from visitors are the biggest GDP contributor to the economy of Las Vegas.