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8 Home Improvements You Should Make Before You Move In

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There’s nothing more rewarding than buying your dream home. Even if you purchase it in mint condition, there’s a good chance that you want to change a few things about your exterior features or interior décor. If you’re one of the many homeowners who are thinking about making improvements to the house, consider completing them before moving day. Start planning these projects as soon as you close so your home is move-in ready.

1. Interior Painting

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Painting is one of the best ways to upgrade your interior. While it’s worthwhile, it’s inconvenient, especially if you have kids or pets. If there are accent walls or neutral surfaces that need a pop of color, take the stress out of the project, and hire a painting company like Sidepost. Get a quote before your closing date, so all you have to do is the schedule.

Plan to take care of the work a few days before you arrive. By then, each layer of paint will be dry and ready for furniture and artwork. Don’t forget to clean up the baseboards with quality white paint. A fresh coat will prevent scuffing and make the room look brighter.

2. Roof Repairs

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The most common roof repairs for new home buyers include replacing missing shingles, improving gutters and fixing leaks. Some fixer-upper homes may even require an entire roof replacement. If the costs are substantial or you simply want to negotiate, the seller may take care of them. They can also credit you for the cost, so you can do the work yourself.

You can find more roofing guide here https://www.ghclark.com/everymans-guide-to-repairing-any-roof/.

If you’re responsible for overseeing the project, be sure it’s done before you move in. A leaky or unstable roof can quickly cause breaches that lead to flooring and furniture damage. No new homeowner wants to scramble to cover extra expenses, especially when they just made a substantial down payment. Search for reputable roofing companies in the area of your new home and then get an estimate for work in the weeks before you arrive. Schedule the repairs, so they’re inspected and completed at least 24 hours before moving day. If you’re looking to add value to your home, visit RBS Roofing.

3. New Flooring

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The old carpeting is dirty and unsightly. Thankfully, it’s an easy home improvement to complete, especially when there is no furniture in the home. New home buyers will often replace outdated carpets with fresh, plush versions in the color of their choice. They may also choose to go with hard floorings, such as hardwood, faux wood made of laminate or vinyl or cool and chic ceramic tile.

Installing new vinyl flooring in your house provides a cost-effective and durable solution that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also improves the overall value of your home. The ease of vinyl flooring installation ensures a quick and hassle-free process, allowing you to enjoy a fresh and stylish look in no time.

Hard flooring materials are popular because they’re easy to clean and help reduce allergens in the home. A variety of innovations, brands and styles makes many styles more affordable than ever. If you have a modest-sized home, you may be able to take care of the project in one day. For most homes, it takes one to three days to receive and install the flooring of your choice, especially when there is nothing to move inside and outside the home.

According to Absolute Tiny Houses, floor replacement is not an issue in small homes and it is far cheaper. This, among many other reasons, is why people opt for smaller homes and it’s becoming a trend.

4. Winterizing

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Homeowners from cold weather climates will need to winterize their home. The most important activities include re-caulking windows and doors, replacing old windows and preventing pipes from freezing. You’ll also need to clean and inspect your fireplace and chimney.

Protect outdoor plants from frigid temperatures and bring portable plants inside. Don’t forget to disconnect exterior hoses and store seasonal items like grills and patio furniture. Check that all vents are closed and that your heating system is working properly. If you have a deck, it won’t hurt to give it a fresh coat of sealant.

5. Security Upgrades

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While you need to make a few essential security changes, they don’t have to be expensive. Start by changing the locks on all exterior doors, especially the front door. Choose a standard lock or smart lock, but make sure it has a deadbolt. If you aren’t sure how to install the locks, call a locksmith or handyman for assistance.

Other helpful improvements include adding flood lights with motion sensors and installing a video doorbell. If you have children or animals, you may also want door chimes and window sensors. Manage the security yourself or buy a monthly security subscription. The benefits of working with a home security company include 24/7 monitoring and emergency response assistance.

6. Ceiling Improvements

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Many homes still have popcorn ceilings, but the style has fallen out of favor. If you love the house but can’t stand the look of the ceilings, knock the popcorn down ahead of time. You can do it yourself, but you’ll need to protect your flooring and do some serious cleanup afterwards.

You can also hire a company to make the changes. In many cases, they’ll be able to finish up in a matter of hours. Other ceiling improvements to make before the move include drywall replacements and ceiling painting.

7. Pool Safety

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A pool is a fun and valuable addition to any home. While many home buyers want one for their kids, it also needs to be secured to keep everyone safe. If your new pool doesn’t have a security fence, it’s imperative that you install it before your child arrives. Purchase a fence and put it in on moving day or have an installation professional complete the project in advance. You can contact your fence companies in speedway if you decide to add a fence in your pool area.

A security fence is the bare minimum you need to keep your child safe. In addition, consider a pool alarm, safety hook and pool cover. The door chimes you installed during your security inspection are also invaluable for added pool safety.

8. Window Coverings

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Some, but not all, homes come with window treatments. Before you close on the house, check to see which blinds will be staying and which you’ll need to replace. Shades are absolutely essential for your privacy and security. They also help with interior comfort and energy efficiency.

If you already have your own, make sure to clean your window fit blinds ahead of the move. The alternative is measuring each window so you can order custom blinds ahead of time. Have them shipped to your new address so you don’t have to transport them. Faux wood blinds won’t take long to put up, which means you’ll be ready to relax when the sun sets on your moving day. For all your blinds needs, check out Factory Direct Blinds.

Home Improvements Are a Smart Investment

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A variety of projects will surface in the coming months. Since you’ll always be improving your home, it’s smart to make the basic upgrades now. Your home will be move-in ready, and you’ll be increasing its value from the time you arrive. You also won’t have to worry about keeping the kids busy or moving furniture in the future.

Stay organized with a day planner or color code events in your smartphone. A clearly labeled calendar will help you remember which repairs are being made and when you need to meet a technician at your new home. A plan will make it easier to juggle the buying process with your everyday responsibilities. It’ll also help you make the fixes quickly, so you can enjoy your home on moving day.