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Which Pool Shape Is Best For Your Backyard

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Having a swimming pool in your own backyard is something that many people dream of. Unfortunately, it is a luxury and it can be expensive, so it isn’t a priority. Many people would prefer to spend money on renovations or a brand-new car instead of pulling the swimming pool next to their home.

However, if you feel like you can afford to make this kind of investment then you should definitely do it. It can bring many benefits to your home, do you, your family and your friends too. It can be healthy, you can bring a lot of fun, it can make barbecue parties a lot more interesting and your kids can cool off at any time during the summer season.

Since you will be making a long-term and expensive investment like this, you’ll probably want to make sure that everything goes as expected. You will need to follow a certain plan to ensure that you do not go over your budget and to be satisfied with the final result.

Considering all the different options surrounding the bull market, it can be quite difficult to find the right size or shape. Fortunately, we wrote this simple article that will guide you into making the right decisions when choosing the best shape for your backyard.


Source: compasspools

This is the most popular and most common shape or pool. It is the most common for a good reason. The most logical reasoning is the fact that the shape is pretty simple which means that it does not require a lot of skills or expertise in this area. A worker will just have to follow simple straight lines which means they can’t really mess up anything, nothing can go wrong.

Since you will be hiring not as skilled workers, their fees will be much lower which will ultimately lead to a much cheaper swimming pool. This is especially important if you’re working with a tight budget.

However, going for the rectangular shape is not just about it being cheap. It actually looks pretty good and fits in almost every backyard. It can be fit in any corner or any spot or certain land because of the 90° corners. So, if you want to preserve that symmetric look of your backyard then you should definitely go with the rectangular option.

Kidney or bean

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While maintaining the symmetric look on your land is a good thing, it can be a bit jarring at times. The whole point of having a backyard is to have a little bit of nature next to your home. In nature is almost never symmetrical, it is almost chaotic. So, if you want to achieve a more natural look for your property then you probably need a differently shaped pool.

Most people that do not like the rectangular appearance usually go for a kidney or bean pool. This form resembles a kidney or bean which is pretty obvious by its name, looks great in almost every backyard. It does not have any kind of sharp corners or symmetry, it looks pretty cozy and natural. It feels like it’s a place where you get to relax instead of just swim as a workout.

When landscaping, it is great to work around this type of pool instead of a rectangular one. The bean shape is also great for children because it allows for a lot of shallower water and it’s great for parties too. A lot of people can get in it without it being too crowded. If you want to go with this shape, you should check out littlepools.

Round or oval

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For those that are feeling a bit more creative you could ditch the rectangular and kidney/bean forms and go for something even more extreme. A round-shaped pool is not something very common and it is not something that people would expect when they visit your home. So, if you want to build something a bit more unique and create a backyard that will satisfy your taste, you should definitely go for the oval or round form.

Keep in mind, the pool that has a form of a circle will take up a lot more space out of your backyard. You can’t exactly put it in the corner of your property because it doesn’t have any sharp edges, so make sure that your backyard is big enough before making this kind of choice.

Assuming that you went with this option, I would suggest adding a lot of rocks, trees, and waterfalls around it to truly create a magnificent landscape.

Freestyle form

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Who says that you have to limit yourself to geometric shapes when building a pool? You can do anything you want. It is your home, right? You shouldn’t limit yourself to these three options as we mentioned above. If you truly have a good idea, you should do it.

Fortunately, the idea that you have can be easily realized because a lot of companies that build schools actually offer freestyle shapes. By going with this option you can basically customize the swimming pool any way you want and you can fit it anywhere too. If the fencing around your backyard is not symmetric or it does not follow straight lines, with this free-form style of a pool, you can customize it to fit perfectly.

There is nothing wrong with adding a little bit of creativity to the shape of your pool. It will certainly make your neighbors and your friends a little bit jealous, don’t you think?


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For those that do not follow a certain budget when building a project like this, the Roman-style swimming pool is the way to go. It will turn your simple backyard into an amazing palace-style garden. Sure, it can get a bit expensive when going with the Roman style, but I think it is definitely worth it. There is no other shape or style that can be compared with this one. It truly feels like this type of pool comes from the amazing ancient era.

Whichever of these forms, styles or shapes you pick, you will surely be happy with your decisions for many years in the future.