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What Is a Home Care Package, and How Does It Work in Australia?

The home care package is an Australian government-funded subsidized service that allows you to stay at home if you like. It also provides you the choice and adaptability of how the care and support are provided in Australia. The Government’s subsidized program enables its citizens to remain in their own homes for as long as feasible. It is based on a Consumer Directed Care model, which gives consumers more control and choice over their care.

There are currently a few Home Care Packages available from the Government, and there is a waitlist. The fun part is when many services are available, including personal care, gardening, and social and recreational activities. Every level accommodates a distinctive level of funding. Home care packages are broken down into four levels. The amount of support required, and care requirements determine the funding level. Level 1 and 2 Packages need low levels of care, while those at levels 3 and 4 need high-quality care and support. You will be designated a Homecare package, and once you have been allocated a Home Care Package, you can choose a provider to get the services you need, like https://www.homecaring.com.au.

There are different types of packages that you can choose from, mainly four levels of Home Care Packages which are as follows:

  • Level 1 package provides basic care for people who have special needs
  • Level 2 package provides support to patients with low-level care needs
  • Level 3 package provides support for people with intermediate care requirements
  • Level 4 package provides support for people who require high-level care

There are four different (HCP) levels, which you can be assigned depending on whether you need basic, low, or high-quality care. The Federal Government has updated the Home Care Package program to give consumers more control over the assistance they support and the providers they choose. You will receive an HCP and make decisions about services, who they are delivered to, and how engaged or not you need to organize these services.

Each HCP level provides the same care and services. Each level of care has a different hour’s limit. Home Care Package Level 4 delivers more care and services than level 1. All four Home Care Package levels include package supplements, including the Dementia Supplement to people with dementia or the Veterans Supplement to veterans with an approved mental health condition.

Source: sccliving.org.au

Understanding Home Care Packages and their four different levels

As we know that there are four different levels of packages for home care, and each level offers a different amount, which can be used to help you stay safe in your own home. These funds cannot be accessed directly. Instead, your provider will have access to them and can use them to pay for services.

The individual’s current situation and needs will determine which level of Home Care Package they are assigned to. Your assessor will ask you various inquiries during your Aged Care Assessment to help choose the best level Package to suit your needs.

You may receive more assistance with some packages. People who are economically or socially marginalized, those with housing needs, or at risk of becoming homeless, as well as people who live in remote or rural areas. Your care provider must implement the grant and verify that you meet the eligibility criteria according to the government guidelines. Aged care providers may cater to specific cultural backgrounds or have staff who speak foreign languages.

This is especially beneficial for those with cultural backgrounds. It can be more comfortable to receive aged care assistance if you have a home career that addresses your language, understands you as a person. Although some aged care providers may cater to different cultural backgrounds, they all must provide services for older adults, regardless of their cultural background.

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Home Care Package Eligibility

These Care Packages are more reliable than the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, which contributes essential assistance. They offer more support for those with more complex needs. An Aged Care Assessment Service, known as ACAT/S, evaluates you to decide if you qualify for a Home Care Package. ACAT assists the elderly and their caregivers in choosing the best type of care that will meet their needs. The team may consist of a nurse, doctor, social worker, and another health professional.

They will meet with you to review your care requirements and how you accomplish them at your own house. They will help you identify the best services and the level of care available to meet your needs. You will obtain a letter from ACAT affirming which subsidized services have been approved. It may also connect you with local organizations that can provide these services.

You may check your eligibility by visiting https://absolutecarehealth.com.au/home-care-packages/

Source: agedcareguide.com.au

Essential details about Home Care Packages

The Government now funds your Home Care Package if you have been allocated. Your Package will be cancelled if you do not choose a provider within 56 days. By chance you have lost your care package, there will be a national waiting list in which you are placed. You may need to wait between 12-18 months before your Package is funded again.

You have the freedom to change who provides your care, and you are responsible for paying the Home Care Package money, not the provider. If you are unhappy with your care provider, you can request another one.

Sometimes you will require to wait for a package for more than a year. The excellent news about Home Care Packages is that they are a great way of helping you stay in your home safely and confidently. Unfortunately, you will have to anticipate for the Home Care Package to be allocated or funded. This wait can take up to 22 months. Waiting is not fun. It’s essential to be assessed as soon as possible if you require help.

Some providers will take up to 50% of your Home Care Package as fees. While some care providers may charge exit and establishment fees, others do not. Do your research and make sure you get the best Package. Therefore, it is so important to find a care provider that meets your budget and needs. You can pay for Home Care by yourself if you feel the need. You may be able to maintain your health and well-being and remain in your home longer by paying for care.