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Guide for Buying Your First E-Pipe

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There are many reasons why people choose to vape over smoking cigarettes, and studies show that vaping is safer and healthier. You don’t have to worry about cigarette smells hanging around your car or clothes. However, your choice of vaping device will affect your vaping experience.

Buying your first vaping kit or e-pipe can be tricky, and it would be best to consider a couple of things when shopping for your first vape kit. You will also find a range of vaping devices from pipes to mods and pens.

Below are some features to consider when buying your first e-pipe.

Your Budget

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How much are you planning to spend on your first e-pipe? This will help you narrow down the best kit within your budget. The prices of e-pipes vary depending on factors such as design and other features such as power control and battery type.

We recommend going for a mid-range e-pipe from ePuffer as your first buy. The idea here is to get a device to help you learn how to vape well. In addition, expensive doesn’t always translate to quality.

Read Reviews

Before buying the e-pipe, make sure you read reviews from other buyers. What are they saying about the vaping experience? What about the battery’s performance? These details will help you find the best e-pipe within your budget.

We also recommend getting your e-pipe from a trusted brand. Cases have been reported of pipes and vape pens blowing up, causing bodily harm. Getting quality vaping kits from a trustworthy vape shop will guarantee safe vaping.


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This is a big issue when choosing an e-pipe or vape pen. As a newbie, you don’t want to start worrying about how to clean your vaping device while still learning how to vape. Even some seasoned vapers still need help with cleaning their mods.

Poor maintenance of your e-pipe will affect the quality of the vapor, and you may get an after-burn taste, which is not good. Go for a disposable vape pen to help you learn how to vape, and after that, you can shift your focus to mods and advanced e-pipes.

Vape Juices and Power Control

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E-pipes and vape pens are fitted with atomizers, a heating element that warms the e-juice to produce vapor. Some pipes are fitted with power control features that regulate the amount of current flowing to the atomizer, affecting the type of vapor you get from your vaping kit.

You will need to buy vaping juices for your pipe, which is also an essential factor to consider. Vape juices are a mix of water, vegetable glycerin, nicotine, water, and flavors. When buying vape juices, make sure you check their rating and whether it is fit for your vaping kit.

Wrapping Up

Buying your first e-pipe will be a challenge. However, these tips will help you find the right one. Remember, don’t get carried away by the fancy e-pipes in the market. Focus more on performance and maintenance to help you get the best vaping experience.