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Growing SEO Importance of SSL Certificates and Their Advantages

The advancement of the world wide web has rightly transformed planet earth into a global village. One of the most significant merits of the snowballing of internet services is the inception and escalation of online businesses.

While traders were traditionally exposed to a limited number of consumers within their physical area of operations, now trading online enables them to engage with prospective clientele globally. However, an essential concern in the online space is the websites’ safety, where consumers punch in their confidential information day in day out. This is why using an SSL Certificate to encrypt sensitive user data is rising in popularity.

Search engines like Google understand the importance of a safe website that can accurately safeguard site visitors’ confidential information from hackers and malicious actors’ external threats.

Thus, Google considers how secure and safe a website is while determining its ranking on the search engine results pages. For illustration, if two websites have similar infrastructure and the only difference between the two is that one has an SSL Certificate and the other one does not, the former will have the upper hand regarding SEO ranking compared to the latter. This goes to show how serious they are about web safety.

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What Is An SSL Certificate?

Secure Socket Layer, commonly referred to as SSL, is a layer of protection securing the vital information punched into a website by its users or visitors from any form of cybercrimes. SSL ensures that cybercriminals or hackers can in no way decode all the confidential data shared by the website’s users, and all the website’s transactions remain confidential between the website and its users.

As the number of cybercrimes and hacking incidents related to online transactions increased around 2018, Google cautioned its users against websites that did not have an SSL certificate due to security issues. Google is the highest used search engine worldwide, accounting for a whopping 58.94% of all online searches, followed by Safari with 13.74% amongst all the search engines available. Thus, having an SSL-Certified website will result in getting good SEO ranks on the world’s top search engines.

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Key SEO Benefits of Installing an SSL Certificate on Your Site

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the essential requisite to garner more and more online traffic and transform your online venture into a success. Online businesses use SEO to better their rankings than their competitors and yield more consumers and higher conversions.

If a page loses its ranking, its visibility will diminish as it will not appear on the Top Search Engine Results Pages. This can drastically affect the business of the website. Thus, to have an organically good SEO Ranking, an SSL Certificate is a must.

Let’s take a look at how an SSL Certificate enhances the SEO performance of a website.

Boosts SEO Rankings

Let’s understand the necessity of an SSL Certificate in a more straightforward way by considering a reverse scenario. If a website is not SSL-certified, when a user tries to visit the website after searching it on Google, a message cautioning the user that the website is not secure appears first, even before its content opens.

The user is likely to be doubtful whether to continue staying on the website or not. This illustration can easily make you understand how critical it is to have an SSL-certified website. Having an SSL Certificate will not by itself land your website on the first page of the search engines, but it will considerably boost your website’s SEO rank. With an SSL Certificate and other essential SEO factors, your website can transition to the top ranks on the search engines.

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Boosts User’s Trust

Consumers these days are well aware of the threats related to online transactions. Google signals a user when they land on an unsafe website and automatically redirects them to secure SSL-certified websites. If your website is SSL-Certified, the user feels protected when undertaking transactions on the website. This helps gain the trust of the users and diverts more traffic to the website. An SSL Certificate benefits both the users and the website owners as it escalates the website’s SEO rank compared to its non-SSL certified counterparts.

Gives You an Edge Over Competitors

A crucial factor when competing with rival websites is how secure your website is from the others. Today’s consumer knows cyber threats and thus prefers websites that offer complete security for their confidential information. In 2015, Google stated that when two websites have a similar infrastructure, the HTTPS protocol (SSL-certification) is the criteria that will make a huge difference. Thus, it can be implied that an SSL-certified website has the upper hand in the search engine searches over the non-certified one.

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Ensures Loyalty Among Site Visitors

As stated earlier, the present-day consumer is well aware and learned about the positives of a secured website and the negatives of the one that is not. According to the latest analytics, 84% of users will immediately exit from a website if they do not find a security certificate or if the security warning from Google Chrome is displayed.

High bounce rates are a negative ranking signal that indicates low quality in your site content to search engines. Hence, if you do not want to lose the traffic coming to your website due to security concerns, make sure your website is SSL-certified. This will ensure that site visitors spend more extended periods on your site and keep returning, indicating high-quality site content and a positive ranking signal.


SEO plays a crucial role in converting prospective site visitors into actual buyers and loyal customers. With every passing day, web browsers are getting smarter, and websites similarly need to be dynamic and equally efficient.

Installing an SSL certificate enables you to secure the sensitive information exchanged between your web server and client browsers and rewards you with increased customer trust and loyalty, as well as higher rankings on search engines.For more detailed reading on SEO knowledge, such as on-page, off-page and SEO trends, check out Market Smiths (https://www.marketsmiths.co/) today!