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Grant Hill & Tamia Headed To A Wedding (Photos)

Seven-time NBA All-Star Grant Hill and his Grammy-nominated wife, Tamia were headed to a friends wedding yesterday where they would be joined by Shawn Marion.

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Growing up, Grant Hill’s father told him not to fear failure, but to fear success.

Grant’s father, Calvin, was an All-Pro football player with the Dallas Cowboys, playing 12 seasons in the NFL after graduating from Yale. Following in his father’s footsteps and into a career as a professional athlete, Grant has also tried to mirror the values his father imparted to him as a child.

“You try to do what you saw, and I was lucky enough to have a great example and a great role model,” Grant said. “As a parent, I try to do the things that he did with me and pass it along to my own children.”

Now, Grant’s daughters, Myla (nine years old) and Lael (four years old), are witnessing their father excel through his 17-year NBA career. And like Grant, they witness a person who is committed to his career, as well as his morals and values.

“You pick up on those things and you see those things not only apply in sports, but in life,” Grant said. “It applies in school work, with friends, philanthropy, whatever you value. Hard work equals success and that’s something that I’ve learned from both my parents, but it was one of the many things that I learned from my dad.”

A young Grant Hill gets a ride from his father, Calvin.
(Courtesy of GrantHill.com)