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Getting Started With Butt Plugs

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Butt Plugs are one of the most well-known sex toys; however, they are frequently absent from the normal sex toy cabinet. These little but powerful gadgets target one of the body’s most sensitive erogenous zones, but they remain misunderstood and neglected.

Let’s demystify and destigmatize butt plugs a bit. Anal play is fun, worth trying, and entirely without shame. Get yourself a starter butt plug from somewhere reputable like The Hot Spot, some good quality lube, and some spare time, and you can follow our advice below for a fun and sexy time.

The Importance of Lube

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Anuses, unlike vaginas, do not self-lubricate, making it even more important to use a thick, anal-friendly lubricant while utilizing a butt plug. Lube is a necessary need, regardless of the kind or size of the plug.

The lubrication you use will be determined by the material from which your butt plug is made, but any decent-quality water-based lubricant should be compatible with any butt plug you own. Lubricant facilitates insertion, which increases anal pleasure.

Pre-Plug Prep

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Anal adventuring needs a little more preparation to ensure that you are clean. Being clean is not simply for cleanliness or common politeness to a partner; knowing you are clean on the inside allows you to relax properly and enjoy the encounter more.

For most individuals, being clean is as simple as taking a bath or shower before getting started with your plug. To clean the region, use warm soapy water on your finger and gently insert it beyond the sphincters. If you want to take extra measures, attempt an anal douche with warm water around 45 minutes before you want to utilize your butt plug. Allowing some time between douching and play might help you prevent any unwanted consequences.

Start Slow

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A good rule of thumb is to knock before entering. Your anus is densely packed with nerve endings, and stroking the region with a well-lubricated finger will help relax the sensitive area. When you are ready, apply some pressure to the anus. If your body is ready, the anus will relax and let you in. Light penetration with the same finger might prepare your body for a plug. For added relaxation, it never hurts to climax before putting in a butt plug.

Cover your plug with anal lubricant and then position yourself comfortably, either on all fours, lying on your back with a pillow under your butt and your legs open, or crouching over the plug on your feet or knees. Slide the plug within, pausing if you feel any discomfort so your body can acclimate to the new sensations.

You should feel a sensation of fullness after your plug is in place. Butt plugs are a very popular type of sex toy because they stimulate difficult-to-reach nerve endings while remaining in place throughout any type of action. You may have sex with your spouse, masturbate with your favorite vibrator or do anything else that makes you feel good.

Depending on your anatomy, putting in a butt plug might provide a number of advantages. The pelvic space is restricted, and as a result, the vagina feels tighter. This can significantly alter the experience of penetrative play. In rare circumstances, butt plugs can reach the prostate and deliver delightful pressure to it to promote orgasm.