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5 Reasons to Get a Lawyer if You Were Hit by a Drunk Driver

Many people don’t really respect the simple rule not to drink when they have to drive, and that’s one of the reasons why they cause traffic accidents, and even kill innocent people who were just trying to pass the street, or arrive at home. A lot of world campaigns are dedicated to this problem, but there are still those who think that one drink won’t affect their driving performance. We are sure you are respectful of the laws in your country, and a responsible driver too, and that you won’t cause an accident. But, what if you are involved in one, and you are the victim of someone who had a few drinks before they took the wheel, and now, you are hurt? What is the best thing to do then?

For the best advice you can check here, and see what you can do if you are a victim, or someone you love died after hit by a drunk driver. Sadly, there are many cases when the driver goes away, and there is no witness to the accident. The street cameras rarely work, and you can’t do anything other than to hope that you will remember the license numbers, or that someone who saw the accident will appear, and tell what happened. It’s completely wrong to assume that the case will be resolved if you don’t take an action and call your attorney for support.

The law systems aren’t perfect, and they won’t punish the person who caused the accident if someone doesn’t file a lawsuit against them. Many cases end with a death, and it’s on the family to look for justice. Surely they can’t do all of that alone, and the lawyer will help them during the investigation.

When someone drives drunk and hurts someone, they have to face the law, lose their driving license, or even spend time in jail, or visit some treatment program, especially when the injuries are permanent. It should be worse when someone dies in the accident because it’s a murder.

Once you have the lawyer by your side, you can:

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1. Get proof for the injuries and complete the file

Once you’ve been in an accident and you are hurt, you shouldn’t wait, and if you can, call the ambulance and police. But, if you have an attorney with you, they will know how to make the police investigate the whole thing, and ask for reconstruction on your behalf. No matter how serious are the injuries, the victim has a right to ask for an investigation and sue the driver who hit them or someone they love. The attorney will handle all these things professionally, and you can be sure the person who was driving won’t get away with what they’ve done. They know how to communicate with the police and medical staff, and get the needed report.

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2. Compensation or lawsuit?

If the person who caused an accident has an attorney with them, they will try to negotiate compensation. Sometimes it’s better to set for that, especially if the injuries don’t require advanced medical attention. But, drinking and driving is a dangerous situation, and they may repeat it later, and kill someone. So, it’s your responsibility to report the case, if you can, or if it happens that you are injured and not conscious, start an investigation when you are ready for that. In cases when the driver is completely aware and conscious, you can compensate, and they will anyway offer to cover the expenses. But drunk drivers are a danger for everyone and we shouldn’t let them get away with what they’ve done with paying a few bills.

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3. Filing a case against the driver

If necessary, you can file a case against the drunk driver who hit you or someone you know. You can’t do that without your attorney. The person who caused the accident is guilty as charged, and they have to face justice. Driving drunk is a serious crime, and the person should take the guilt. Even when their attorneys negotiate for a settlement, you have to think about every next person who will be in the same situation as you.

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4. You need someone who will handle the case for you

Being injured in an accident is a painful and stressful experience, that can be harmful to mental health too. You have to recover in peace, and your lawyer will do anything you ask them to. You need your peace of mind, knowing that you are doing everything to prevent the same person hurt or kill someone if they proceed with their irresponsible behavior. You don’t need additional stress, and facing the person who did that to you can be harmful to your mental health.

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5. Handling a case if a loved one is killed by a drunk driver

This is too emotional, but we can’t deny the fact that thousands of people are dying after they are hit by a car. It’s sad, but there is no compensation that can make for the empty space in the home for those who passed away. Once again we will repeat that this person shouldn’t get away with what they’ve done, and that’s the least you can do to show respect to the family member you lost. These people can be dangerous and hit someone else in the future. So, hiring a good lawyer will ensure you they will face justice and will take response for their wrongful behavior.

Fighting against crime is the least you can do if you or someone you know or love was hit by a car. It’s very hard to think with a cold head, especially if you are in pain, and that’s why you must always have your attorney on hold. What they do and how they support you during the process will give you hope that the person who did that to you will face all the laws and legal issues, and take responsibility for their behavior. We hope that you won’t be in a situation like this, but you can’t know what tomorrow brings, so be ready for everything.