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5 Popular Gambling Superstitions Among Online Casino Players- 2024 Guide

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When it comes to gambling, you need to have an individual skill to win in some games, while in others, it comes down to pure luck. When luck is in question, people tend to believe that it can be influenced by an outside factor. This is why we have so much superposition surrounding casino games. In this article, we’ll go through five popular gambling superstitions among online casino players- 2024 guide. Check out what are shared beliefs among online casino birds.

1. No Whistling or Singing at the Table

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Every man of gamble knows this. There’s no whistling or singing at the table. The reason is simple – you do not want to make the gambling Gods angry. Furthermore, you put yourself at risk of annoying other players, which can have more realistic consequences that angering the Gods. All people who sit at the table only have one thing on their minds – winning some money. But, this task is not an easy one. If you want to take anything from a game of poker or blackjack, for example, you need to be focused. You won’t be able to concentrate if someone sitting next to you is singing or whistling.

The distraction is not welcomed. Things have become easier once people moved to online casinos as you could simply mute the room in which you’re playing. If a person does this, the chances are that all other players would be against them. So, try not to be the enemy of everyone, as chances are you’ll lose. Instead of trying to anger the gods and annoy other players, the goals should be playing and winning for everyone involved.

2. Itchy Palms Signal Incoming/Outgoing Money

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This is now well known in the world of gambling, both land-based and the online one. Once your palms start to get itchy, people would tell you that winnings are coming your way. This wasn’t a widespread superstition up until the last few years. It first originated in Bulgaria and Serbia, but they have a different look on the matter. Bulgarians and Serbs do not get along often historically, and the case is the same with gambling. In Bulgaria, they believe that once your palms start itching, you are about to lose some money. Serbs beg to differ. In Serbia, once your palms start itching, you are about to receive money, and it is a sign of good news. In this Balkan country, there are people who would go straight to a casino once their palms start feeling uneasy.

3. The Unlucky Numbers

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While we have a new trend of players flocking to online casinos, most superstitions remain the same. Not even online casinos can’t escape old and famously unlucky numbers 13 and 4. The first one is the champion of bad luck in western culture. The reason is notoriously well known, as the betrayer of our Lord was the thirteenth apostle. We are not sure when this belief originated and how people decided to apply it to the world of gambling, but things are as they are for too long now.

Moving further from what’s installed in western culture and moving on to what people believe in the east. In China, the unluckiest of numbers is four. The reason is simple – it is pronounced almost identically as the word that signifies death. People of China and Japan love gambling, so there’s plenty of superstitions. In Japan, number four is considered unlucky for the same reason. They go as far as there sometimes isn’t No.4 room in a hotel or a hospital, or there isn’t a No.4 floor in some buildings. Furthermore, in China, you won’t hear anyone mentioning books as they are pronounced similarly to the word lose. On the positive side, they love number eight, as it sounds similar to prosperity.

4. Wearing Red

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Gamblers and clothes superstitions go together. You all know Steve Dannenmann, who wore the same hat, shirt, and trousers, every day during a seven-day World Series Poker Tournament in 2005. This was fifteen years ago, but the clothes superposition date much further in the past. In China, the color red is a synonym for joy, wealth, and above all, luck. It is because of this you’ll see people wearing red during weddings and other celebrations. The association with the feeling of good, joy, and celebration made this color famous in casinos. You’ll see many people wearing red despite playing from home. They’ll just be doing anything possible to win. But, you should know, a red item needs to be received as a gift and not bought if you want to draw good luck out of it.

5. Lucky Charms

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Lucky charms are, in fact, more comfortable to wear and sprout around at home, while playing in an online casino, than in a regular land-based one. While people tend to lose faith in the rabbit’s foot, it still holds value in gambling circles. But, having an ordinary rabbit’s paw won’t do it. Not many people know that a ritual is required to have a working rabbit’s foot as a lucky charm. In order for your magic to work, the rabbit needs to be caught or killed in a cemetery. For people who consider this as too much, four-leaf clovers always do the trick.  They also go well with horseshoes. Most gamblers have one or more of these items still close to them, and today when online gambling is widespread, even at their homes. When it comes to gambling, you can never have too much luck, and you can try a piece of it at

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