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Follies Strip Club Friday Day Review


Thinking about hitting Follies strip club today (Friday) during the day time? Well I will tell you my experience. I was driving up Buford highway two Friday’s ago and seen that the parking lot was jumping around this time (3pm) so I decided to park next door for the free-ski and walk over to see what was going on inside.

I walked in with no door cover charge and immediately noticed it was popping like it was 9pm inside. As usual limited seating available.. It was a lot of dancers in building as well. After 30-40 minutes of filtering and waiting for a seat I got a dance. It was a limited amount of my type of dancers (curvy) walking around, 90 of the dancers were white or basic daytime second string quality. Around 4ish a influx of better quality of women started to walk around. One thing about Follies most of the women are cool with contact and don’t dance 10 feet in front of you the whole song. The DJ doesn’t cut the song short either, I think they were playing a mixtape cause I never heard or seen a DJ standing in the booth. After talking to some of dancers I found out a lot of dancers who danced at Magic City or Onyx left to go to Follies cause they have a better day shift schedule and clientele. One dancer was complaining cause Follies hired some newbies who were taking her money away cause it was too many dancers during day Sh*t. If you like mixed or white dancers then I would stop by Follies during work or after work. I think depending on the Friday you could come up on something nice in there if you have time on your hands to wait. Being that their isn’t a lot of strip club popping during the day I could see my self stopping back in there.