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Explainer vs. Trade Show Videos: What Are the Differences?

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Explainers and trade show videos are useful promotional tools that you need to use in your marketing strategy. These are two types of videos that describe the benefits and uses of the product. In many ways, they are similar. But there are some differences, which we will discuss below so that you can decide what to choose explainer vs trade show videos.

What are the Explainer Videos?

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An explainer is a video that describes and presents your offer for further sale. An explainer video demonstrates the difference between the product and analogs, talks about its benefits, how to use it, etc.

The ideal explainer video length usually does not exceed 1-2 minutes. There are no direct ads in these kinds of clips. No goods or services are imposed on the client. The explainer just lists the benefits that customers will receive if they purchase the product. Instead of traditional video filming, computer graphics, animation in 2D and 3D formats, stop motion, illustrations, etc. are used. However, sometimes there are explainers with normal live shooting. If you want to know more about explainer video services, you can find all the info following the link.

Explainer Videos Benefits

When comparing of trade show and explainer videos, we have to say that the explainer format is becoming more and more popular due to the numerous advantages of such videos:

  • Interesting, simple, and capacious conveys any information to the viewer. Agree, it is better to watch a detailed video for 1-2 minutes once than to read a complex, tedious, and not entirely clear text about a new solution 10 times.
  • Unobtrusively advertises the project. Tells simply about complex things, reflects the benefits of an offer, and shows how the product is applied. Also, the video motivates the viewer to contact your company.
  • Increases website conversion. Video is useful for low-converting landing pages or long articles. The user is more willing to watch a video than to study a text on the website.
  • Presents goods/services emotionally. The explainer is not a serious official video. This format is interesting to the audience because it causes positive emotions. In many ways, this is possible thanks to bright and dynamic animation.
  • At the same time, it advertises the product in different places. You can use the video for social networks, the website, and through third-party services.
  • Saves time for managers. The company’s employees no longer need to explain the same thing to each client. It is enough to show a video that will do everything for them. Sometimes a clip on the website is even more effective than a conversation with a real employee.

Cons of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos, along with other marketing tools such as trade show exhibit rentals, have become increasingly popular for businesses to effectively communicate their products or services to their target audience. While trade show exhibit rentals allow businesses to physically showcase their offerings and engage with potential customers, explainer videos are a valuable tool that can simplify complex concepts and increase audience engagement, ultimately improving retention rates. However, they also have several disadvantages that should be considered before deciding to use them as a communication tool.

  • One major disadvantage of creating explainers that include many manufacturing processes is the cost involved. The process of creating high-quality animations or videos requires specialized software, equipment, and personnel, which can be expensive. This cost can be prohibitive, particularly for small businesses or startups.
  • Another disadvantage of explainers is that they lack personalization. Since they are created for a wide audience, they cannot address the specific needs or concerns of each viewer. This may make it difficult for viewers to feel a personal connection with the product or service being offered, and may even lead to disinterest or disengagement.
  • Finally, if the explainer video is not engaging enough, there is a risk that the client will lose interest and not watch it until the end. This can result in lost opportunities and wasted resources, as the message being communicated will not have been effectively delivered.

Overall, while explainers have many advantages, it is important to consider their potential drawbacks before investing in them as a communication tool. Businesses should carefully weigh the costs and benefits of explainers to determine whether they are the right choice for their specific needs.

What are the Trade Show Videos?

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A trade show is a specialized exhibition where manufacturers showcase their new products. A trade show video is a clip created to present a company’s offer. The main task of such a clip is to attract the customer’s attention and interest the audience with your offer.

Videos recorded at a trade show can become an additional tool in promoting the company’s goods and services. They can be posted on the official website, social networks, and email newsletters.

Trade Show Videos Pros

Trade show videos have a list of important pros:

  • Beautifully demonstrate a product or service. Using videos for trade shows, you can showcase your brand in an interesting and original way to get attention.
  • Provide good lead generation tracking. If you want to target potential customers and get valuable lead information, all you need to do is track who viewed your trade show videos.
  • Shows personal experience. When creating videos for trade shows, companies offer catchy videos that are close to the audience. This allows you to strengthen the brand image and make clients more loyal.

Cons of Trade Show Videos

Here are a few major cons of trade show videos that you should be aware of:

  • Lack of creativity. Since clips are used for official trade shows and exhibitions, they only showcase products or services. There are no animations or funny scenes in them, so they may not be interesting for the viewer.
  • High cost and complexity. Recording such videos requires expensive equipment. In addition, shooting clips in a live environment is always very difficult due to the high risk of mistakes.

Differences between Trade Show and Explainer Videos

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There are a few important differences between trade show and explainer videos which we’ll discuss below:

  • While explainers place a lot of emphasis on voice-overs that explain product features, trade show videos place the greatest emphasis on visuals.
  • Video duration. Animated explainers are up to 1-2 minutes long, explaining in detail the benefits, characteristics, and ways to use the product. Videos for trade shows are short and bright because at the trade show, hardly anyone will get enough to watch a long video to the end. They focus on a product or service in a way that will quickly attract and capture attention.
  • Explainers help the client make the decision to select your offer among others. Trade show videos are event content that draws attention to a brand.


Knowing the similarities and differences between trade show videos and explainers in comparison is essential to select the best type of video for your purposes. The similarities are:

  • Both types involve the use of professional production services and live video. This is necessary to create the real effect that video explainers are trying to achieve. Explainer clips are often used in advertising campaigns or talk about complex concepts so it’s better to ask experts for help to create them.
  • Explainers and trade show videos can be used on various platforms. Clips show a product or service, so they draw the client’s attention and should be a part of a marketing strategy.

After reading the article, it will be much easier for you to select the right type of video. Although our experts recommend using different kinds and styles of videos when preparing a marketing strategy. Contact us for advice at any convenient time to find out how to make your brand popular and successful.