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Expert Tips on How to Start a Business Essay for College

According to a Harvard study of communication, seven seconds is the time needed to make a first impression. The main challenge is that you have only one chance to make a first impression and you need to do your best to make it positive. This rule works not only for the impression made by a person. The same is when you present your piece of writing. Your task is to hook the reader from the very first lines, otherwise, they will stop listening and will be busy with his/her own things pretending he/she is still listening to your business essay.

Would you like to engage the reader like professional writers from DoMyEssay do when you ask “Can I pay someone to do the paper for me?” Keep on reading to succeed in attracting the attention of your target audience. There is more than one way on how to start your college essay in business. Here are the most effective tips following which you’ll manage to grab your reader’s attention.

Tell the Reader What Your Essay Is About

Much depends on the chosen business topic. There are great topics that talk for themselves. Such topics can start even from the phrase “In this paper, I am going to speak about…” First, it may seem not the best beginning. But as it has already been said, everything depends on the topic. For example, if you write something like this “In this paper, I’ll tell what changes humans can expect in the nearest future”, the reader will feel interested and continue reading your essay. If you’ve been assigned to write a paper on some banal topic, you’d better conduct careful research and find something interesting about it to present some facts or statistics in the introductory part.

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Write a Quote of Some Famous Person

Conducting research is a must for writing a high-quality business school essay. Pay special attention to quotes when reading relevant materials. You’re recommended to make notes and write down quotes you find original and hooking. Then, choose the one that sounds more interesting than others and start your essay with the quote. After writing a quote, you may continue with the debate. Agree or disagree with the statement mentioned in the quote.

Explain to the Reader Why You Have Chosen This or That Topic

Time is valuable for every person. Nobody wants to waste it on something unimportant. So, your task is to explain to the reader what is important about your topic. Give arguments for the reader to have a clear understanding of why your essay is worth reading, what actual problems you’re going to touch upon, and how the reader will benefit from reading the paper. How to do this the best way? You can start from some event connected to your topic. For example, you’ve done the research when writing an argumentative essay on the topic “Why should the government ban the use of marihuana?” Start with some event that proves that the problem is actual. Look for some factual information, tell the story that happened to someone, or read the latest news and look for some episode there.

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Tell about How Your Topic Is Connected to Here and Now

First, you may start with some background information, events that took place in the past. But later you need to show the connection with the present day. Your reader must see the logical connections clearly. The past has passed already, there is only the here and now. That’s why most people are interested only in the topics, the knowledge of which can contribute to their present and future.

Start with a Story from Your Personal Experience

If you are writing a business essay on the topic, which is somehow connected to your personal experience, you can share it with your target audience. You can start with the sentence “Last year I was a witness of the horrible event” or “Recently, a great thing happened to me when…” Try to appeal to the emotions and senses of the reader. Intrigue the reader from the very first line with some phrase or even one word, which hook and hold attention.

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Just Start Your Essay

You may be surprised when seeing this tip but it’s one of the most effective ways to start a business essay. What does this mean? When you’re recommended to just get started, it means you need to apply a technique of freewriting. Its essence is to allow yourself to write down the flow of your thoughts and ideas without thinking much. In the process of freewriting, genius ideas come to mind and you don’t even notice how you brainstorm them. There is an opinion that the first thought is the right one. All other thoughts that come to your mind are more like thinking patterns.

So, don’t think much before writing a line. Just express ideas on the topic quickly without evaluating how great they sound. When you’ve finished writing an introduction, just reread it and at this stage, you can edit the paragraph. You may ask someone to listen to your introductory part and say whether it sounds like the killer one or some improvements are needed.

One more simple but very valuable tip: Don’t be afraid to start writing an essay or any other kind of paper. If you don’t start, you’ll never finish writing. Be yourself and share your experiences and opinions with others in a way that will appeal to your target audience. Hope that the tips above will help you to grab your reader’s attention successfully!