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10 New Educational Web Tools for Students 

Writing an essay or an article can be a daunting task if you do not have the necessary skills. With the right educational tools, it will be easy for students to navigate through the murky water of academic writing. Additionally, the internet has various tools that help students to finish their course work. However, these tools are confusing, especially when applied without consideration of the overall requirement of the course work. It is in this sense that we would like to introduce the https://writemyessay.today website that has all the new educational web tools. This site has all the tools that are valuable for academic writing.

1. One-note Organizational Tool

The organization is a vital component if you want to get ahead in your essay writing job. The tools are provided free to the students as they access content found on the website. It provides a solution to managing heavy workloads such as scheming through various literature and another bibliography

2. Google Scholar

With an embedded Google Scholar tool, it will be easy for students accessing the website to locate journal articles, books, thesis, and other documents. These reference materials are all packed up in one single source to ensure you will have all related references in one location. You will have an easy time managing all your research content and organizing bibliography for referencing at the end of the project.

Source: Journal-Publishing.com

3. Spell-Checker

You may not see all the typing errors (typos) and grammatical issues when compiling your write up. With this website, it becomes relatively easy to sieve through your document, combing the mistake with a quick red underline. It will also guide in placing the correct spelling and grammar to words based on a special word-arithmetic score. The checker works according to the assigned language as saved in the program.

4. Proofreader

With an operation similar to the spell-checker, the proofreader will provide advanced checks tailored to language specifications. You will have the benefit of accessing synonymous words in case of over-used words. It will also give antonyms where necessary to bring out the right meaning of words as intended in the article. Incidentally, the proofreader saves time by more than 50% by bringing out deep-centered grammatical mistakes.

5. Chatbox

The website provides a community of friends and authors in the writing fraternity. This team will be available at the touch of a button to provide writing assistance online. The chatbox is fitted with a lead time indicator that shows the exact period you can wait before getting a reply from an administrator. The communication is real-time and effective, tailored to meet both emergency and time-based needs.

Source: Xeno

6. Readability Check

After writing, you will need to grade the written content to see if it measures up to the readability standards. This check provides a real-time analysis of the contents. It will help to analyze the keywords and their percentage density throughout the document. It will also analyze the search engine optimization (SEO) protocols and whether the meta descriptions have been followed in the write-up.  Of special note is that this check ensures your title matches with the rest of the document in regard to description. It will also decipher through sentence structures to ensure no word is misplaced. Any jargon that fails the readability test is highlighted, and you will be notified.

7. Plagiarism Checker

It feels good to have an assurance that your written content is unique and original. Writemyessay.today is one of the sites where you can check the content for plagiarism. This free tool, as provided in this site, helps to ascertain any cases of duplication. It highlights matching contents in real-time and runs concurrently with the writing progress. It gives the percentage of work plagiarized and a bibliographical list or sources of the plagiarized work. You will be notified of the acceptable plagiarism percentage. It will also give recommendations on texts to delete based on duplicity. You will access suitable replacements in cases where the content cannot be deleted.

8. Google Docs

You will get access to smart editing software that enlightens your documents.  With an embedded Google Docs tool, you will style and edit the content based on your preferences. It has options for inserting pictures, converting pdf documents to the word or into picture format. You will align not only your texts and paragraphs but also select images and fonts. All these features are suited to fit particular specifications.

Source: Computerworld

9. Thesis Guide

It is essential to have the right thesis to guide your write up and provide a road map for the essay reader. While it may be hard to generate a thesis, this guide tool provides the basic points to consider while writing the thesis. When you launch this tool, you will be required to state the intended topic or title, opinions, supporting reasons, and opposing views. This guide will then help to generate the thesis based on the emergent points stated in the program.

10. Parapal Tool

This tool provides online exercises especially suited to remove writing phobia among students. There are no expectations in this program except for fluency and grammar. It gives short courses and writing assignments that work with your preferred options. For example, if you like telling short stories, the Parapal tool will have a writing space with select words that can be used to tell a particular story.

11. Find help from the online language learning school

We understand how challenging and daunting it can be to write the perfect essay by yourself. There are a lot of things you need to pay attention to, research properly, and write unique and high-quality content. The doubts whether you do the task properly can cause lots of stress and influence your self-esteem and mental health. However, you do not have to go through this process by yourself. With the help from Language Trainers, your assignments can be checked and the teachers can point out mistakes you made, so you can do the task better next time. On the other hand, they can even help you prepare the whole essay and teach you things you are having trouble with, so you could be confident in your knowledge.