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3 Essential Tips for Airsoft Beginners

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The world of Airsoft is amazing, you get to enjoy yourself however, you will still need protection. Although you are just playing the game but the products can hurt you. Therefore, you should know your weapons and use them carefully so that you do not hurt someone.

Likewise, you might think that this is just a game but the techniques are really important. Although you are fighting in a game but still you are using weapons and if you use them in the wrong way, how can you win the game? Of course, the chances of you losing the game will be high.

Using the right weapons at right time and with accuracy is the key to win. Therefore, if you are a beginner, you need to get a hold of every piece of valuable information that is of your use.

Some of the basic items of this game include your bag pack, different weapons, LED light and also transceivers. You are lucky that softair.blog has all the information about these tools and equipment. So, you do not have to surf through the web to look for more. Furthermore, you can also view the unboxing videos.

But wait,

Reading so many articles might seem boring to you especially if you are a beginner. This is mainly because you are just starting the game and are not well aware of all the things. Thus, you won’t be able to grasp the situation and won’t even understand a lot of things. Therefore, we are providing you with some quick tips that will be helpful for your initial games and of course while you further progress.

So have a look at them,

1. Ensure your safety

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The first and most important thing that you should be worried about is your safety. Although it does not seem that dangerous but you still can get hurt. After all, you guys are going to fight with weapons. So even if the weapons are not deadly, they are still capable of hurting you. Furthermore, you might get yourself hurt while running. Or something might get into your eyes. But if you want a safe alternative to airsoft then check out Gel Blaster.

That is why here is a list of basic safety products that you must get.

Eye protection

Eye pro is a tool that does not get necessary importance. Players usually go after cool stuff and better weapons. Therefore, they pay a little attention to eye pro and get some cheaper ones. Though it saves cost but they can be more expensive in case of an accident. Because of their cheaper quality, you won’t get enough protection. Thus, they might get destroyed easily if you fall.

This will put your eyes at the risk. A hit on cheaper goggles might result in breaking them and you might get something in your eyes. Therefore, there is always a risk of getting some serious damage because of saving a few bucks.

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Your shoes

Yes, it might not look that serious to you but it is. You will be running around the place and there will be a first-like terrain. Therefore, getting comfortable and tough shoes is a must. There are specific boots that go well with the dress code of airsoft gamers and are also quite good.

Sneakers might not be a good choice in such a game. This is a survival game and you have to go through a lot. Therefore, there will be several objects that might hurt your feet. Or you can also twist your ankle if the shoes are not right. That is why getting them right is also a must.

Teeth protection

You don’t want to go out of the gaming arena all crooked up, right? The risk of falling on your face is always there. You can try to protect yourself and prevent other damages but what if an accident happens? Of course, there are rough terrains and objects in your way. All these can be harmful.

Furthermore, you guys will be shooting with guns and a close hit might make you lose your tooth. No one wants this to happen to him. Therefore, it is essential that you prepare yourself before the game and get complete protection.

2. Holding your weapons

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Holding the weapons in the right way is quite important. We have observed snipers in movies. Therefore, we try to copy them and use a chicken winging pose. However, this is just tiring and of no use. This position is of not much importance. Instead, you will only tire yourself. Because holding your gun in this position will require your muscle strength and you will end up getting exhausted.

Therefore, you should get to an easy position, which means that your elbows should be straight down and tucked in. This will not only give you a better weapon holding position but also make your appearance small and compact. Thus, you will have less exposed area.

3. Learn about your field

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If you are going on a terrain to fight, you need to learn about it. You need to know about hideouts and also about different entry and exit points. If you are playing the indoor game, you will have a limited place and thus, it will be easier to remember.

However, if you are playing in the open field, you will be more exposed. Furthermore, in CQB, you will have clear room once you have dealt with it. However, this is not the case with an open field. There is no guarantee that the field remains clear. You might move from one place, there will be someone else taking your place.

Therefore, the best solution for you is to spend more time on the field. You will surely learn about it after playing numerous games. Afterward, you will be able to use this field to your benefit. Furthermore, you will also know the routes and sites that have the most challenges and the hideouts.