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4 Dos & Don’ts of Cannabis Storage – 2024 Guide

The storage process of cannabis is a bit complicated because you have to take care of many things. If you have a massive amount of medical marijuana, it is relatively crucial to store it to avoid damage.

Many countries have legalized this ingredient, and people seeking relief can buy it from any legal store. You cannot consume it at once. You have to store it for later use.

It is quite complicated if you buy cannabis in small quantities repeatedly. It is better to buy in bulk and store it for your future use. While storing the medical marijuana, you have to consider a few things. You cannot risk the expensive commodity by keeping it without any care.

You must follow specific rules to keep it safe and secure. If you are using it after many months, then taste, smell, and appearance should remain like the original. Many people think that it is a complicated process, but it is not. You only need to follow some dos and don’ts to preserve the high-quality stuff.

It is possible to buy cannabis from many portals like toptiercannabis.co. If you want to store it, then you have to consider some dos and don’ts. You cannot afford to spend money repeatedly on it.

Whenever you consume the stored cannabis, it should taste and smell the same. You have to take care of the storage procedure if you get the same thing after many months. In the following write-up, we will discuss some dos and don’ts of cannabis storage.

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1. Airtight Container

It is relatively crucial to keep the cannabis away from moisture or air. Whenever you pack it in a container, then it should be airtight. Make sure that you should not use disposable ones because they can damage the ingredient.

If you want to prevent dryness, then you have to shift your product to the airtight box. You can choose an old-fashioned mason jar, which is hard to beat. The ingredients within it are packed tight without any contact with air. If you are choosing between glass and plastic, then pick the glass one. It can lock the moisture well as compared to plastic.

2. Store it in a Dark Place

Keep the dried leaves of the cannabis away from light. You can use dark-colored containers or place them in a dark place. The presence of ultraviolet rays can damage the leaves, and you will not be able to consume the ingredient anymore. Prevent the exposure of light to keep it in the same condition for many months.

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3. Keep the Medical Marijuana Away from Pets and Children

No matter how you store medical cannabis, it is relatively crucial to keep it away from pets and children. This ingredient is quite harmful to small creatures in your house.

You have to be cautious when you have kids and pets in your house. The cannabis should not reach them, and therefore, you have to think about the right place where one can keep it.

4. Maintain the Right Temperature

The ideal temperature to keep medical marijuana is between 0 to 20 degrees Celsius. You must maintain the temperature to keep the cannabis fresh.

You must not change the humidity levels because it can degrade the quality and cause mold. One cannot consume that medicine because it lacks the same smell, taste, and effectiveness.

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1. Using Large Container

The process of oxidation can change the smell, flavor, and appearance of cannabis. Undoubtedly, an airtight container can help you in preventing air and moisture. Fill the container to avoid any extra space.

The additional space in a large box can cause oxidation. These mason jars are available in various sizes. Make sure that you fill two-third space of the container to avoid oxidation. The buds will not crush if you use a perfect-sized container.

2. Storing it in a Freezer

You indeed have to store the cannabis in a dark and cool place. But it does not mean that you have to keep it in a freezer. Cannabis requires a specific temperature to keep it fresh.

The low temperature can cause condensation, which leads to mold. It is quite crucial to keep it away from moisture. In case of freezing, the leaves will damage, and it may affect their potency.

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3. Using Plastic Container

In comparison with other materials like glass or silicone, the plastic one is not much secure. If you want to keep medical marijuana for a long time, it will not remain the same.

There are chances of getting in contact with moisture and air. If you do not want to degrade the quality of cannabis, it is vital to look for a better material option.

4. Using Transparent Containers

The cultivation of cannabis requires an adequate amount of light. But if you want to keep the dried leaves, then you should avoid the light. Prevent using transparent containers made up of glass or plastic.

The light can easily pass through it and damage the quality. In this way, you can keep it for many months. It is a big no if you are using transparent containers. You can prefer dark-colored or violet color bottles to put dried leaves of medical marijuana.

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The Bottom Line

The storage of cannabis is relatively necessary to use it for the long term. You may think that it is a complicated process, but it is not in reality. You have to follow some rules if you want to consume the same stuff later.

There will be no discoloration, bad odor, or mold if you safely keep the commodity. You should know various that you must do and don’t do if you keep the quality of the medical marijuana. You cannot spend money on it repeatedly.

Hence, you have to store it safely to use it later. Ensure that you maintain the standard and consume high-quality ingredients every time. Never compromise with your health when it is about consuming cannabis to get relief from many problems.