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6 Hidden Dangers of Buying Eyeglasses Online – 2024 Guide

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Online shopping became very popular in recent years because people can use their smartphones to order any type of product and save a lot of time by avoiding to visit stores in public. Also, we have modern online platforms and advanced delivery services that provide us with fast shipping solutions. In most cases, you can get the product in just one day from ordering. Moreover, besides the convenience, many online shops are trying to attract more people by offering discounts and cheaper products than ones in public stores. However, there are still many products that are better to be bought in public stores. For example, you should try a suit before you buy it to be sure that it fits you properly, the same is with shoes and many other products.

Moreover, while many people would choose to buy sunglasses online, it is recommended to choose prescription glasses in some stores where you can try them first. In that case, you can avoid potential issues with quality, lenses, design, and more. On the other side, if you don’t have enough time to visit some public store, be sure to choose a well-known online store for eyewear equipment, like smartbuyglasses.com, where you choose from a wide range of glasses with various lenses and for different ages. On the other side, choosing eyeglasses in person is still a much better option. Here are some hidden dangers of buying eyeglasses online.

1. Choosing Wrong Progressive Lenses

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In case you have issues with both close and distance eyesight, the best solution is to get progressive lenses that allow you to use only one pair of eyeglasses instead of changing them all the time. The manufacturers are using a special process to make this type of lenses, and you should avoid buying them online because choosing the wrong time might worsen your eyesight even more. The best solution is to visit some ophthalmology specialists that will provide you with the proper measurement of lenses.

2. Comfort

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Many people find the design as the most important feature when they are choosing eyeglasses. Online stores offer a wide selection of frames and designs. However, the best way to be sure that your new eyewear will be comfortable is to try them before buying. Most of the online shops give you the ability to return the product in case you are not satisfied, but that will take you much more time, which can be a problem for people who must wear prescription glasses all the time. In that matter, visiting some optic store is even more convenient because you can avoid all of the potential issues that you can get from choosing the wrong eyewear over online shopping.

3. Accuracy

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Getting the right prescription glasses is crucial for the health of your eyes because wearing the wrong number can damage your eyesight even more and cause you to wear bigger diopters. Also, the wrong diopter can cause headaches and dizziness. You should test your eyesight at least once a year to check if there are some changes, and always stick to the prescription provided by a specialist. The main issue with buying glasses online is that there is a possibility to order the wrong diopters that can lead to problems if you start wearing them without noticing the mistake on time.

4. Eyeglasses for Children

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If your kid is having issues with eyesight at an early age, there is a possibility that it will not be able to recognize whether the new glasses have a proper diopter number or not. That can significantly worsen the eyesight. Therefore, the best solution is to avoid online shopping and take your kid to a specialist that will examine its eyesight and determine the proper lenses.

5. Design and Quality

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Online businesses are always trying to present themselves in the best possible ways. Therefore, it is not a surprise if they promote some of their products as much better than they are in reality. The same is with eyewear stores that would advertise their frames and glasses as high-quality units made of proper materials and might get disappointed when you get glasses with cheap plastic frames that are not comfortable. On the other hand, there are stores like Smart Buy Glasses that guarantee you with warranty and money return if you are not satisfied with their products, but there are many stores that don’t include that policy. Also, each person has a unique shape face, which means that certain frames won’t feat everyone in the same way. Therefore, the best method for buying new glasses is to visit some public shops and try them to see if they have proper quality, proper lenses, and comfort.

6. Price

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While most online shops are trying to attract more customers by offering great deals and discounts, you have to be sure that prescription glasses represent a personal product that you should always try before buying. Choosing some more affordable glasses online might be a great solution to save some money. However, the problem begins when you get the delivery, and the glasses are not what you were looking for. The next issue is related to a lack of a return policy in that store. In that case, you wasted money on glasses that are not proper for your eyesight, and you will need to spend more money to buy proper ones.


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People are attracted to online shopping because they can order any type of product from their homes. Online platforms are simple, and you can easily find any type of goods that you need. However, people are frequently buying a lot of stuff they don’t need, or without checking some details. That can lead to wasting money on products that have a bad quality or, in the case of glasses, wrong diopter, bad quality, lack of comfort, and more. Therefore, the best way to buy some personalized products like glasses, suits, and others, is to visit a store in public and try those products before you decide to buy them.