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Should You Go with a Custom Website or Use a Template

Popular website platforms offer plenty of pre-ready designs, that the user can take them completely, and make some tiny changes. They are functional, and the design is optimized for every device. They are great when you don’t require advanced features and settings, and you can simply edit the content, upload an image, use some fonts and colors, but it’s still limited. That’s why those who want more advanced options, should go for a custom design and build the site from scratch. Before you make this decision, you should know why you need it and what are your plans with it. Would it fit your business needs? Can you do upgrades as needed?

Let’s see:

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If you are planning to launch a site, probably you’ve seen the WordPress themes on many popular services. Most of them can be set with your WordPress website, as many sites today. You can check services like ThemeForest or Template Monster, and look for the design you want. Before you set it, you have an option to preview how it looks and if it’s responsive. Some of the themes provide more complex and advanced features, but also give you the freedom to adapt some things, like the colors, sliders, sidebars, and you will still need some upper-intermediate knowledge in web design, or hire a designer to complete it for you.

We highly recommend using templates if you don’t have some special requirements for the functions. If you are sure that you want it, you can check https://www.templatemonster.com/html-templates.php for more.

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Custom design

This is building a website from scratch, it’s expensive, and a whole team will work on it. First, you have to meet with the team, and decide how it will look. Then, include all the options and features, so they can know what to do. It will take a few weeks, or even months until the initial design is completed. Then you will have to test it, see the advantages and disadvantages, change something if needed, or add something else as an option. Then you will have to wait even more, until they fix it, and give the new version to you. Probably you will have to go through a lot of meetings and tests until you have the last and final version of the design. Don’t forget to test if it’s responsive for all devices.

If you are in a hurry, then custom-built websites are not for you, since they take a few months until ready to launch. Keep in mind that the developers are writing that code, and some tiny mistakes can still occur, that wasn’t visible before the launch. Also, you have to tell them exactly what you want, and of course, incorporate the branding, because every change requires hours of work, and they have a full right to charge more for that.

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Pros and cons of both options

  1. When using a template there is a chance that someone else already has it, or someone will choose it, especially those who run a similar business.
  2. Some templates aren’t responsive, even though they look nice and beautiful.
  3. Adding plugins and changes can slow down the speed of the website.
  4. But, it’s a cheap and affordable option for those who need to launch the website as soon as possible, without any special design requirements.
  5. Custom-built websites have better support because the developers know exactly what they did, and where to locate the potential issue.
  6. You will get a custom and recognizable design, and you can be sure no one else has it.
  7. You can easily incorporate the company’s branding into your custom site.
  8. The whole process of developing is pretty time-consuming, and that can be a huge disadvantage if you need it as soon as possible.
  9. It’s more expensive than a template, because a whole team of developers is working on it, and they need a lot of time to complete the design.
  10. Being recognizable among the others is one of the most anticipated benefits of having a custom site.
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As you can see, both of the options provide a lot of benefits. The templates are great when your budget is limited, and also the time you have to complete it. But, they are great for those who want simple and minimal designs and don’t have some advanced content editing requirements.

Our advice is not to touch the code if you don’t know how to code, especially the CSS part, which is responsible for the looks. Check all the available themes before you set some. You can preview it, and see if it has every option you need. Also, some of the pre-ready templates may not be responsive, even though it’s 2024, especially the free ones. More expensive templates provide more options, but you have to make sure it’s suitable and capable for what you need before you set it.

But, when you have a custom website, you have to know that you will have to adapt it to the current trends because no one wants to visit something that is too vintage or doesn’t work properly following the latest technology. It’s like building a house. You have the basic design, but you still have to choose quality doors and windows, buy furniture, paint the walls, and make it a comfortable place for you. Websites should be a comfortable place for the visitors, and as your home needs renovations and repairs every now and then, it’s the same with the custom designs. Sometimes some feature will stop working – for no reason – and you have to report that to the developers, to see what’s happening.

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So, now you know the perks and good sides for both the options, and we hope it’s easier to decide what do you want to do with your website. Make sure that the option you like is affordable for your pocket, and you really need, because if you only need the basic features, then you can save a lot of time and money by choosing a template and run it for years.