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9 Crypto Podcasts Every Beginner Trader Should Listen to in 2024

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Understanding the crypto market is challenging, especially for newcomers who have just begun dealing in the virtual world. Thankfully, through podcasts, you can attain insight about anything, including automated coins, blockchain, and the crypto market. But with so many choices available, it is tough to interpret which show is the ideal match for you.

Since cryptocurrency is leading the investment business now, learning about how to deal with it in a better way is critical, especially for novices. Although reading can aid you to a great extent, understanding via listening is innovative and simpler. That’s where podcasts come into the show.

These automated audio files can provide you with knowledge about any subject while keeping you engaged with the speaker. You can listen to them from anywhere and anytime. Since the internet today is full of statistics and choices relating to cryptocurrency shows, identifying the suitable one that aids in enhancing your knowledge becomes essential. For further information please visit https://bitlq.de/.

Now, let’s discuss the most promising crypto podcasts that every novice dealer should hear in 2024.

1. Digest & Invest by eToro | Insights on Trading, Markets, Investing, Crypto & Finance

Discover the latest financial news presented in a captivating and easily digestible format with this must-listen podcast. Whether you’re a seasoned trader, an aspiring investor, or simply intrigued by the world of markets, crypto, and finance, this podcast is tailor-made for you.

Brought to you by eToro, a renowned global multi-asset investment platform, this show unravel industry insights, explore investment strategies, and decode the complexities of the financial landscape. Click here to learn more and embark on an exciting journey into the world of finance.

2. Unchained

You must have heard virtual currency traders often boasting about this one-hour show. It is a podcast presented by an autonomous journalist, Laura Shin, to teach novice dealers about digital currency, blockchain technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The primary reason this show is so famous among traders is that the journalist has covered a few of the highly challenging matters here, comprising safety, privacy, and laws.

Every week, the audience gets to hear two new chapters where she speaks to business frontiers person and philosophers about the worldwide use of virtual tokens and blockchain technology that will alter the working of the world. It is available on both Apple and Spotify.

3. The Money Movement

The global economy is experiencing unprecedented change. Business leaders everywhere are grappling with how to transform their companies to become more digital, resilient and efficient. As we face this change, a new global movement is building around the promise of digital currencies and blockchains, forming a new architecture for the global economy and creating new opportunities for companies and people everywhere. The Money Movement hosted by Jeremy Allaire explores and chronicles the ideas and opportunities that are driving this new world of digital money. Click here to subscribe.

4. Crypto 101

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If you have just begun dealing in the virtual money market, hearing the Crypto 101 show is a wonderful show to begin. It is presented by Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone, sharing the recent material and figures about digital currency with the listeners every week in their two forty-minutes long audio.

It does not matter whether you are a novice in the digital token world or have been here for some time because here you can discover tons of helpful information from the insiders. Listening to it is helpful for the moderate user as it offers data-rich knowledge to let you make the right choice in a particular situation. It is available on both Apple and Spotify.

5. Tales from the Crypt

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It is another novice-friendly cryptocurrency show presented by Marty Bent, dealing with several subjects relating to the virtual money market. Hearing it every week can assist you in resolving all your doubts about dealing in the token market while staying informed regarding the new market situation.

It is a fun podcast where the speaker captivates the audience with his charming manner and spirit. When the show is interesting to attend, the crowd would eventually love to increase their awareness.

6. The Bad Crypto Podcast

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Another crypto audio show for every novice dealer on our list is The Bad Crypto Podcast. It is presented by Joel Comm and Travis Wright, obtaining five stars from the reviewers. If you wish to study constructively, the virtual currency market and acquire an understanding of blockchain, bitcoin, litecoin, ICOs, XRPs, and Ethereum, this show should be at the top of your checklist.

Employing simple language and an engaging tone, the lecturers of this show ‌keep the listeners engaged two times a week in the 30-minute-long audio. If you wish to have a hold of automated money and the technology behind it, this show is a must-listen this year.

7. Crypto Current

Source: crypto-current.co

Organized by Richard Carthon, this show interviews novice traders and a tech-savvy audience. Here you can discover helpful informational content concerning virtual tokens and follow trending accounts to make the most out of your understanding. In each hour-long episode, you begin by attending to a news analysis followed by different issues about automated tokens.

The best thing is you can attend the show five times a week on both Apple and Spotify. So, you don’t need to wait long to expand your understanding of dealing in the crypto market.

8. The Decrypt Daily

Source: zenledger.io

Presented by Matthew Diemer, in this show you can hear different visitors chatting about their knowledge of dealing in the virtual token market and all the report and transformations applying to it. Here you can gain insight into prominent names in the business, consisting of Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the lesser-known tokens, stable coins, and NFTs.

Dropping two new chapters every week, Matthew Diemer ensures to keep you engaged for the whole 20 minutes and enhance your knowledge base. You can enjoy hearing The Decrypt Daily on both Apple and Spotify.

9. Moon or Bust

Another fun and engaging show for beginner traders on our list are Moon and Bust, where the commentators poll whether a particular token will travel to the moon or bust in each chapter. It includes four categories where the speakers deal with digital market headlines and question a visitor. Further, they jump into the academic part by demonstrating a new word and explaining its working. In the final part, they declare whether the currency will travel to the moon or bust.

The show is helpful to determine which coins to support, how to do it, and mine as well. Tim Draper and Billy Markus, the inventor of Dogecoin have also starred as guests on this show.

Final Words

Besides the shows listed above, you may listen to Unconfirmed, Crypto Radio, The Stephan Livera, The Token Metrics, and The Breakdown – With NLW. These are some of the top shows to enhance your knowledge about the virtual token market while staying in touch with recent trends.

We hope you soon find the perfect show to listen to every week. But you will probably have to listen to a few podcasts by different hosts to find the one you like the best. You might even shortlist a few to listen to on rotation!

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