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Top 5 Cricket Technologies in 2024

With the emerging trends of technology, the cricket industry takes advantage of this to provide better cricket gaming for the cricketers and a solid watching and betting experience for the fans.

1. Virtual Reality

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In a world where technology is continuously evolving, virtual reality games is one of the innovations that is highly anticipated especially by those who love to play games.

Developed by ProYuga, iB Cricket is a virtual reality sport in which you can play in a world-class cricket stadium. Comparing it to a real-life match, a VR cricket game also provides a customized commentary, cheering crowd, pitch, bowlers, and other elements that will give you ultimate realistic gaming experience.

Here are some of the achievements of VR cricket game:

  • Won a VR Technology award from Entrepreneur India 2019
  • iB was able to organize a series of fan service events in 5 countries (India, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Dubai, and Sri Lanka) as a part of the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2019.
  • The Bharat Army partnered with iB Cricket so that the fans are able to have a high-quality experience during the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.
  • iB Cricket became the official VR gaming partner of IPL teams such as the Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals, Rajasthan Royals, Kolkata Knight Riders, and Royal Challengers Bangalore.
  • Viu hosted the world’s first virtual reality tournament named as the ‘iB Cricket Super Over League’ in which there are 12 international cricketers who compete with each other using the iB Cricket.
  • In 2019, iB Cricket also became the official VR cricket partner of Abu Dhabi T10.

2. Cryptocurrency

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Aside from keeping up with the latest news and updates, it is also about knowing the winning odds of the game and wagering for your favourite team. To easily bet on your team, most sports betting websites are now using cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

According to Betwala, a website that features all about cricket, cryptocurrency is one of the quickest and safest online transaction methods for you to wager on your favourite team.

Here are some of the advantages when using cryptocurrency to bet:

  • No threat to your personal information
  • It is decentralized and not handled by a central authority
  • Easy and instant payment
  • Low to a no-fee transaction
  • Unlimited transaction
  • Transparency
  • Highly secured

Aside from its advantages, here are some of the sports betting bonuses that you can use to have more chances of winning:

  • Welcome Bonus- this type of bonus is only available for new players.
  • Deposit Match Bonus- it is the type of bonus that allows you to receive the same amount you have deposited or a percentage of it.
  • Free bet- it is a specific bet value that is for free.
  • Price Boost- this is a type of bonus that is usually offered daily, monthly or every time a new league starts.
  • Reload Bonus- reload bonuses can be claimed if you are able to deposit for the second and third time. Some sports betting websites also offer this type of bonus in every deposit you make at a certain percentage.

3. Mobile Apps

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As we face reality, people are now constantly on their phones. Phones are also continuously upgrading to the point that there are hundreds of phone releases in a year. Today’s phones are capable of doing almost anything you have in mind. With the emerging popularity of cricket, the industry is now looking for ways to reach more audience and this is achieved by creating mobile apps.

Mobile cricket apps now allow fans to be updated on the latest news, odds and even watch the live broadcast in their own comfort. Most of the websites are also designed to be widely accessible in mobile browsers.

Here are some of the apps that are available in the market:

  • ESPN Cricinfo– it is one of the most popular and widely used cricket apps that feature the latest news, match summaries, and odds.
  • Cricbuzz cricket score and news– it features the latest news and match scores.
  • NDTV Cricket– it features live scores, results, stats, videos, and more.

4. Websites

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Aside from the accessible mobile apps, there are also hundreds of cricket websites that you can easily access with just a simple mouse click or a tap of your finger.

Here are some of the cricket websites you can check out:

  • ESPN Cricinfo– its website includes blogs, columns and articles all about cricket.
  • Cricbuzz– this website also provides you with old and upcoming matches and scores which also includes the names of the players and team ranking.
  • Betwala– also features the old and recent matches, odds, and allows you to bet through redirecting to Sportsbet.io.
  • Cricket World– it showcases the profiles and news about the players focusing on their best and worst performances.
  • Cricwaves- especially gives an update about the ICC World Cup but also features international match series and teams.

5. Live Broadcast

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From a virtual reality cricket game, accessible website and mobile apps, and the use of cryptocurrency in betting, watching a live broadcast of match-series is one of the ways for fans to feel the thrill and excitement of the game even in the comfort of their own home.

During the ICC World Cup, there are a total of 32 cameras, five technical teams, and four production teams to successfully cover the 48 matches across 11 different venues without missing an important scene. Some of these cameras are:

  • Spidercam- it is a type of camera that allows the media production team to shoot in both vertical and horizontal ways without disturbing the game.
  • Batcam– It is a remote-controlled drone with a 10x zoom camera lens that can capture low tracking shots of the batsmen. Batcams usually can travel up to 30mph and automatically avoids if it will run into something.
  • Stump camera– it is used to provide an in-depth view of what is happening on the field.
  • Super Slow-motion cameras– it is a type of high-speed camera with enhanced frame rates to produce a slow-motion record of the batsmen hitting the ball or when a team scores a run.
  • 360-degree replays– it is a software equipped with multiple camera lenses that record several frames at the same time and then automatically compiles them accordingly.

Other Technologies

  • STATSports trackers- is one of the world’s leading providers of trackers that provides performance analysis for elite sports teams and individual athletes. This wearable performance-monitoring technology is used by the India National Cricket Team during the ICC World Cup.
  • TRACAB Optical Player Tracking- it is an advanced camera-based player and ball tracking system that exactly shows the exact field position of the players, running speed, and distance covered in real-time coverage.
  • PitchVision- is developed by miSport, a UK based company that is widely used in the cricket training system. It is designed to provide players with their key performance feedback. This technology helps the cricketer to see if they are able to improve their skills.
  • Bowling Machine- it allows a batsman to practice by continuously bowling a ball at a certain length, line, and speed. This machine is usually used when there is no one available to bowl.
  • Speed Gun- this technology is used to measure the speed of the ball. It usually helps the match officials to determine who is the fastest bowler and what is the highest speed achieved during the match.

Aside from the mentioned technologies, there are other inventions that are soon to be used in domestic and international cricket leagues.