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Cricket Betting Tips – 2024 Beginners Guide

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Cricket is an interesting game that originated from England. The records of it playing shows that it was played way back in the sixteen century. Nowadays, cricket is popular worldwide and there are a lot of very big events and tournaments for this sport. There are many countries in which cricket is popular, but interestingly, India is the leading country when it comes to this sport. One of the biggest is for sure IPL or Indian Premier League where very important matches are being played. Many people love this sport and like to bet on the result of the matches, so the guide on how to do this is laid out below.

Introduction to the game

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The game of cricket has changed over the centuries, but what is interesting is that it has preserved the basics. Nowadays there are three most popular if we can call them types, of the game, these are Test, One day and T20.

Test cricket format of the game involves playing individual matches, over 15 a day, in different parts of the day over the course of 5 days. Since matches are being played over the whole day, different times of the match will bring different weather conditions that can have a significant effect on the gameplay, players and on the outcome of the game. When it comes to betting this can be very tricky since the outdoors weather opportunities are changing from hour to hour and the matches results can be very unpredictable.

One day and T20 tend to be more predictable when it comes to the outcomes of the matches since they are played in more controlled conditions, and there are some propositions that need to be followed by the organizers. In addition, due to differences in the gameplay, and the movement of the players, some particular skills that are needed for the test game, cannot be used in the T20 due to the gameplay. The t20 is being played not only internationally but also locally and this type of game has allowed the expansion of the game and even the existence of tournaments in all different countries.

Even though the matches in these two are more predictable than the first one, most players do choose to bet on the Test cricket game due to the uncertainty of the match outcome. IPL or Indian Premier League is one of the very popular to be bet on, and if you want to know more about IPL betting online click here.


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Like in all sports and betting events there are people that do calculate the odds of a specific team to win. It is good to check the odds before you enter the betting. It is good to have a limit and know what is the maximum that you will invest in this, in order to keep track of the funds and inflow of the money.

So, if you want to bet on the win of a specific team, and the odds for winning are 1.87, what does this mean? By dividing number one with the odd that is being presented, you will get the percentage chance of the win of the team you are betting on. In our example, the odds of 1.87 mean that there is 53 percent of your team winning. Smaller the number, greater the odds.

So, once you know the odds, how do you calculate the winning income? By simply multiplying the bet with the odds will give you the sum you will win if you have guessed it right. The profit of your bet can be calculated simply by subtracting the initial bet form the winning money.


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The simplest way of betting is to bet on an outcome of one single match. But, since cricket has these tournaments and different matches that can occur during the day, there is a possibility to bet on the winner of the series, rather on to the single match-winner. When it comes to this, be very conscious that the results can change from minute to minute. The Test cricket matches can be the most unpredictable due to the variety of conditions that affect the players and the game itself. When it comes to betting, it is always good to check the odds, and as well to do the research on the teams. This can help, since by knowing more, you will be able to predict the outcomes easier and more precisely. Especially in Test cricket matches, it is good to know how a team behaves in different settings and how to respond to unexpected changes.

Next to betting on the outcome of the match or tournament, you can bet on the man of the match. This can be tricky, but with good research, it can be predicted who will be announced as the best player of a particular match. Next to this, you can bet on the leading run scorer as well. This has been added to increase the number of betting options, and it does give a specific thrill to the players that are watching the match and bet on it.


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When it comes to betting, it is always good to do your research and check out the teams and players. Sometimes changes in key players can change the odds and outcomes of the matches. Sometimes odds can change during or very close to the beginning of the match, so be aware of this as well. It is good to be very clear-minded and have a predefined sum of money that you would like to spend and do not go over even if the odds are very good. Cricket is a very dynamic and fun game, matches are unpredictable and entertaining, which has led to the great popularity of this game. This is why betting on the outcomes of matches and tournaments have expanded so much, it elevates the adrenaline and keeps you on the edge of the chair for the entire time of the match.