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5 Ways A Couples Tantric Massage Improve Your Relationship

Most couples enter the phase of the relationship in which things start cooling a little, not being as they used to. This is perfectly normal when you have spent a certain period of time together. Whether you fall in this category, or just wish to explore or widen the limits of your sexuality with your partner, a couple’s tantric massage is the ideal solution.

The idea behind the tantric massage is to enable both partners to be in the same room while getting a massage, at the same time. These kinds of massages are not done below 60 minutes. The massage is giving both of you an unusual and highly pleasant experience, especially for the people who are visual types. Aside from seeing your partner receiving a massage, additional pleasure is given by receiving the massage yourself. This type of massage will additionally bring you closer to each other, its magic will break the taboos and limitations dominating in your subconscious mind.

AphroditeLondonTantric will provide you with further information on how the couple’s tantric massage works.

The ancient spiritual practice of tantra originates from the middle and southeastern Asia. These massages, although have been westernized, are based on this ancient knowledge and include massaging ad stimulating the whole body, with a special emphasis on the most sensitive places such as the penis and vulva.

Being familiar with the basics, in the further text, we give you a guide on how a couple’s tantric massage can improve the relationship with your partner.

1. It will teach you how to be more intimate with your partner

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This massage can of course be practiced at home, in your zone of comfort, with a partner. It will result in both of you entering a slower and more intimate form of sexuality, deepening your relationship. The basics you can pick up by getting a couple’s massage in the studios that offer them.

How the massage is being performed or what is the flow of it, depends on the place you get it, a spa, or a massage studio. So, no one can tell you this is how it goes. In general, it involves massaging and stimulating the entire body, including the genitals, while focusing on breathing, meditation, and other spiritual practices or working with energy. If your sex life has come down to a mere formality, this will bring you back on track to discover sexuality should be enjoyed at all times and never be just a formality.

2. It will bring you together in a deeper way

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As soon as there’s an erotic element in something, people automatically think about orgasm. People can experience an orgasm during a massage like this, although it is not the ultimate goal. Tantric massage is more about enjoyment, the release of energy blockages and tension, and establishing a spiritual connection with another person. Sex will no longer be a routine

If you’ve decided to try it, it means you are open to experimenting. The routine will be broken by exchanging different forms of touching, from harder massages to a tender touch. Like the one using a feather. This will also bring the excitement you’ve never felt before, but only if you let go and surrender to the sensation. Allowing the pleasure to build up, however, will not result in reaching the peak, while you are being massaged by a therapist.

Both of you will reach a certain kind of alignment by keeping the same breathing rhythm.

3. It will build trust

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If your relationship is facing a crisis at the moment and you’re having trust issues, but are still open to exploring alternative solutions to this issue, consider trying this massage. Why? Ideally, when you decide to do it alone, or when you learn how to do it alone, partners will switch roles. Both will be entering the position of being vulnerable. And letting yourself go, putting yourself at the “mercy” of another person requires trust. Believing the other person will not take advantage of your position and reach for the climax, will build trust and openness towards each other. It can also help you build trust with your partner because you enjoy intimacy and help him feel loved and accepted. Don’t be ashamed to suggest a massage like this to your partner; it could help revive the relationship.

4. You will be more open to each other

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Whenever there is a mismatch in the level of sexual desire in a relationship, the couple faces a challenge because one person feels pressured to have more sex and the other person feels deprived of the number of sexual intercourses they would like to have. What to do then – talk, look for the best ways for the two of you to feel good again with the sexual desire that each of you has. Then, give in to a tantric massage, to loosen all the tight strings, and start approaching each other fresh, more open.

5. You will both be equal in satisfaction

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It is a taboo still, but the reality is that a lot of women today are not able to experience orgasm. This leaves a feeling where one person is always giving, and the other is receiving. No balance. Research shows that every fifth woman has an orgasm disorder. Learning to relax and unwind is crucial for a woman to be able to experience an orgasm. Of course, proper stimulation is also important because, without it, orgasm will not come. It is important to know the satisfaction of each individual woman depends on what kind of stimulation she needs and her willingness to let go. If you’re willing to help your partner feel good about themselves and improve self-esteem, tantra is the way to go.

Aside from all that we already wrote, the best thing about these massages is the activation of the long-suppressed sexual energy, lying in every individual, caused by different factors. Once you awaken this energy, you will never look at intercourse from the same perspective.