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Where Can I Buy CBD Oil in California?

If you are a permanent resident of California, you are among those lucky people who can legally and easily buy both hemp-/marijuana-derived CBD products + you can even enjoy a variety of different kinds, manufacturers, and brands! You can choose between shopping online and in local stores. Yet, if you only plan to try out the promised therapeutic effects of such products, make sure that you first learn a lot more about the law when it comes to marijuana found in California.

Is CBD Oil Legal in California 2018 – 2024?

Everything refers first to 1914 when California became the first state to prohibit the use of cannabis. It was related to the prohibition era. Yet, only a few decades later, one pro-marijuana advocate initiated the legalization movement with his Proposition 19. That bill offered to regulate and permit the consumption of marijuana products again. Unfortunately, that bill failed, however, it did not stop California authorities from decriminalizing cannabis possession when it is less than 1 ounce of flower only.

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How It All Started In 1996

Another significant date is related to 1996 when Proposition 215 was approved. It stood for legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. While Arnold Schwarzenegger, when he was a Californian Governor, made a huge step with his Bill 1449 where he reduced the fine for possession of marijuana of more than an ounce.

Finally, in 2016, when California legalized the recreational use of cannabis for adults over 21. Nowadays, there are lots of California CBD dispensaries where you may access high-quality marijuana products for your health.

Your Age Matters More Than You’d Think When It Comes To Buying CBD Products

How old should you be to buy CBD oil in California? Actually, you have to be over 21 and you have to demonstrate to a retailer your valid ID. Finally, these are some good news for clients who have very doubting relatives and friends who are often suspicious or nervous about their children’s behavior. Cannabis is no longer considered a controlled substance but a cultivated crop that has many purposes. So, buying and consuming it won’t bring you any trouble.

What about store regulations? Or, do you need a license to sell CBD in California? Luckily for them, all the retailers do not need any special licenses or permits to sell CBD products. The only thing which should be considered is that infusion of food and beverages with CBD is still not legal.

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You Can Buy It, Or Even Grow It!

You can easily find all of your favorite products in California, with a minor exception of eateries where it remains illegal to sell CBD food and drinks. FDA law & regulations still don’t allow for the use of CBD in food, but you can easily find it in creams & cosmetic products.

However & to stay within their rules, Californians can legally grow, cultivate, and sell products derived from their cannabis plant. You can easily get your hands on some new & high-quality products, as long as you know where to look for them.

Where to Buy CBD Oil California?

CBD seeds California or other cannabis products can be purchased on every corner of California and are easily accessible online, as strange as it may sound. Since this state is one of the most favorable for such shopping, you won’t experience difficulties in choosing the one. Yet, you should understand that the best formulas and prices are found only with reliable stores. Below, you will find some tips on choosing CBD Oil California stores for any liking and preference.

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Where can I buy CBD oil in California?

Rely on stores that care about your age, and that actually put in the effort to check you out. Yes, you should not trust those dispensaries that are ready to sell you CBD oil if you are below the legal age – 21. Such parties arouse suspicions, and you can simply tie yourself to legal proceedings & trouble that you will want to avoid. Upon buying a product, you should present your valid ID with any & every store;

  • Trust shops that have US-made hemp products only, such as Unabis for example. Importing is a great thing for economics, however, the locally-cultivated hemp helps you understand where it comes from rather than wondering under which conditions it was cultivated;
  • Seek lab tests. Either with online or local stores, you should be always aware of the safety of sold oils, tinctures, gummies among others. Every product should have a lab test that confirms its safety and indicate the amounts of THC found in the content;
  • Reasonable pricing. Everyone loves affordability, however, some forget that CBD oils are not products that should be sold at less than $10. It is impossible. Ensure the price corresponds to the promised therapeutic benefits, and contents. For savings, you can learn about discounts and promotions;
  • Ensure a shop delivers to your area of living in California. There might be straight-to-the-door delivery or you can pick it up at the local dispensary. It is all about your comfort & practicality;
  • Customer support. If you want to become a regular client of one online dispensary, you should ensure they have a convenient and responsive customer support team. Ideally, there should be a Live Chat button where you can address your inquiry immediately. Otherwise, email and phone numbers are pretty enough.
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In Conclusion

Finally, if you still hesitate about the relevance of one or another store, you can ask your friends about the best CBD oil California dispensary & see what they have to say. For sure, your Californian friends or relatives will definitely provide you with at least the best & most popular top 5 stores. Then, find some feedback on stores online.