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Bring Extra Cheer With Festive Labels for the Holidays!

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Holiday cards are something that many look forward to around this time of year. It is always great to get a card from someone near and dear to you, you don’t want to fall into the same style or template of card that you generally send. You always want to make sure that your card will bring some cheer, and that includes the envelope along with the label design that you choose!

Making sure that you have festive labels for the holiday cheer you are looking to spread can be easy for you to do, and you will have a great time making sure you have the right tools to bring in the jolly, festive mood that you want to create when you are sending out the love with the card you have this year! Here are three different label designs that you will be able to choose from for your envelopes this year!

Wrap Around Labels

Wrap-around labels for your envelopes are a great way to add a little pizazz to the outside. There are a variety of things that you can do with these labels that will help your card stand out!

  • Add an extra special message: not only would you be able to have one note on a wrap-around label, but you’re also able to put two! So when you put it on your envelope, one message is on the front of it, and the other is on the back as well!
  • Have another beautiful color to bring in some extra cheer: You can choose the color that you want your rap around labels to be. So you can coordinate with the color of envelopes that you have, or you can take a plain white envelope to the next level with your label!
  • If there is someone with a different culture or religion you’re able to customize to them: depending on who you are sending this to, you can put Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, or even Happy Holidays on the front of the label and then you can add an extra special message (I.e., From Our Family to Yours) on the back of the label.
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Special Labels for Baked Goods

During this time of year, many people love to bake and give different baked goods as a gift for others to enjoy! Having labels that you can utilize as a tag on the baked goods is always fun and a different way to spread some extra joy! It is also an excellent idea for you to be able to keep track of what the delicious treat is if you are baking more than one specialty at a time. Adding a beautiful label around the treat bag as a tag or placing it in on the container as a label that has a special message you can add in is always different for people to receive, and gives it an added touch most wouldn’t think of!

Labels With Decorations

You can also use a label that puts an extra special something in the return address section! It is common for everyone that sends a card for the holidays to use a label that has their name and address on it. There are so many other creative things that you can put on the return address label that you can do that will make it so much fun to send out!

  • Add a unique color and pattern to the background: during the holidays you can add something special that your family enjoys, you can choose a color that you love and that those that know you represent you
  • Put an exceptional picture on the label: it could be an outline of a tree with a color background, or it could even be a snowflake in the background that helps bring in the cheer that you will love, and others will too!
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There are so many great options that you can choose from during the holiday season that will surely bring smiles to faces of those that you care about and help spread the holiday cheer you want to pass along! Labels are a great way to help bring spread the holiday joy during this time of year, and they are easy for you to use!