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12 Best Woodworking Tools You Must Have – 2024 Guide

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It’s not enough to only have a wish and courage to start your new woodworking business. As all of us know, we always need some money, never mind what type of business we want to develop. During the first months, you will need some essential tools, because you can’t start working without them. As your job grows, you will earn more money and you will be able to buy better tools and machines that will increase the quality of your products.

At the start, you may need to adjust the offer according to the tools you have, so you won’t receive orders that you can’t fulfill, but everything will be better soon, and you will be able to make your business grow faster. You can use both hand and mechanic tools, and here are some of the things you need for your woodworking shop at the very beginning:

1. Table saw

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The table saw is a tool that consists of a circular saw blade and it works with an electric motor. The table is used as a support when you need to cut the materials. The bigger the blade’s radius is, the deeper it cuts through the wood. You should be very careful with the table saw because you are holding the piece of wood that needs to be cut. The advanced versions of this type of saw have better protection, so you should check all of the available options before you buy a table saw.

2. Chainsaw

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This is a portable mechanical saw that has multiple purposes in the woodworks. The person who uses it is known as a sawyer. The chainsaw is used in cutting down trees and wood, limbing, pruning and many other actions that are related to this type of work. Chainsaws come in many sizes and can be used for cutting smaller pieces and also, massive trees. But, you should wear protective clothing, to lower the injury risk.

3. Circular saw

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This type of saw is often used as a hand-held tool for cutting woods and other materials. It can be used with different types of blades, depending on the material you need to cut. The circular saws are mostly electrical, but they can also be powered by gasoline or some alternative source of energy. It’s really powerful and precise, but you may need to finish the pieces with sandpaper after that. There is a wide range of different circular saws, and lovepowertool.com can help you choose the right one for you.

4. Miter saw

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Miter saws are used for precise crosscuts and miters using backsaws or different types of blades. Most of these saws are small and portable, and easy to use and control, providing accurate cuts and angles. Keep in mind that you can’t use miter saws for long rips. The blades are replaceable, so you can adapt the machine to your needs. Miter saws are also known for others as chop saws which surprisingly have a list of different styles and features. Choosing for the right miter saw or chop saw depends on your cutting needs and on your budget that’s why it’s always best to seek for trusted power tools review like BestOfMachinery.

5. Jigsaw

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Jigsaws are hand managed power tools that can be used for small and fine cuts. The blades are replaceable, precise and very strong. They come in various sizes and shapes and are used for straight or curved cuts. It’s one of the most important woodwork tools that you need to buy if you are planning to start a business like this. It’s pretty safe and easy to use, even for beginners.

6. Band saw

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The band saw is used for cutting irregular shapes and smooth pieces, using the appropriate blade. Some of these tools can be used to cut other materials different than wood, such as plastic and some metals. The blades are long and sharp. The machine is powered by an electric motor in most cases.

7. Hammer

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This is the first not-mechanical tool on the list. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not important. A few different hammers are a must when you plan to start a woodwork shop. For example, the claw hammer can be used to claw or remove nails. There are many sizes available, and you can choose two or three for the start, and see if you need more after you start working.

8. Hand saw

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You can’t start woodwork business without a good hand saw for short works. This is one of the most commonly used tools and the sizes and shapes may vary depending on your needs. You can control the wood while using a hand saw and it’s good for beginners.

9. Workbench

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This is an important piece of working furniture you need in your workshop because it helps you store all of the tools you need while you work. You can buy it, or you can build it on your own if you are a talented woodworker. Even though the workbenches are simple, they are very useful. We’ve compiled a list of portable workbenches that represent the best bang for your buck on https://billious.com/best-portable-workbench/.

10. Clamps and nails

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You will need them when you’ll be able to build more complicated projects. The clamps are used to hold different pieces of wood together. You should buy more than you think you need because it’s easy to underestimate the quantity and complicate the job. The nails are also an essential thing for your work, and you should follow the same rule, buy more than you think you need.

11. Hand drill

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Sometimes you will need to perform some small mechanical job and the hand drill is the tool you need. You don’t need an advanced model at the start, so you can buy a cheaper one. Consider buying a rechargeable model, so you can take it with you everywhere you need it.

12. Mallet and chisels

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This is a wooden hammer that is used when you work with chisels. The chisels are cutting tools for the final shaping of the wood. The metal hammers can destroy them, so the wooden ones are better when you need to use chisels. There are a lot of chisel types that have different use in woodwork, but you will need the basic models at the very beginning.

There are a lot more mechanical and electrical tools that can be used in a woodwork store, but these are the basics you need to start the business. We hope our guide helped you to decide what exactly do you need.