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The Best Things To Do On Your Birthday

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Your birthday is a very special occasion to celebrate with family, friends and loved ones.

While you can have a traditional birthday gathering, you can also plan a special outing, a trip or a walk to get out of the routine and celebrate this important day in a different and original way.

That said, here are a series of recommendations and plans that you can make on your birthday and enjoy a new year in your life to the fullest.

Trip to the beach

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What better opportunity than your birthday to escape for a weekend or several days to the beach, with your partner or family to enjoy the sun, the sea, the sand and all the good atmosphere offered by paradisiacal destinations such as the Canary Islands in Spain, with its spring weather during any time of the year.

Imagine all you can do in, for example, Gran Canaria, in the southern area where the best hotels and the most popular attractions of the island are located.

There you can tour the Maspalomas Dunes, take a camel ride, enjoy the beaches, water sports, great restaurants, bars and nightclubs to enjoy your birthday.

In addition, the atmosphere of the Canary Islands is suitable for everyone, even for your pet, if you have one, and you can take it with you on your trip.

Parachute jump

Following the line of the good atmosphere of Gran Canaria, there is the opportunity to live an experience that puts your emotions and deepest fears to the limit, with skydiving, which is practiced safely on the island with the great group of professionals ijump with great experience and the best equipment.

In addition, they present you with the option of enjoying a skydiving happy birthday very special for your celebration.

This type of jumps is done in groups, has a total duration of 90 minutes of activity, of which 40 seconds are free fall, with a parachute flight between 5 and 8 minutes, you will have the necessary equipment and previous instruction to prepare you for this extreme adventure.

For your peace of mind, these are tandem jumps, which are accompanied by an instructor throughout the activity, who is in charge of handling and controlling the equipment while you enjoy the flight and the spectacular scenery from the heights above Playa del Inglés and the impressive Maspalomas Dunes where the landing will take place.

Undoubtedly, this is a very special way to celebrate your birthday in the company of friends and family, that you will surely never forget and you can also keep the memory in photos and video.

Boat party

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An attractive alternative to celebrate your birthday in a different and fun way is to organize a boat party, which is possible in places like Gran Canaria. This party can be themed and thus have the decoration of your favorite style, whether it is a movie, famous characters, musical genre or whatever you prefer.

It is a very cheerful and original way to spend this day, with great music, reserved areas, games, various activities, delicious food and drinks that complement the entertainment and enjoyment of the celebration on the high seas.

Scape Room

A very entertaining way to spend a special day with family and friends for your birthday is to attend and participate in a Scape Room, where you will test your teamwork skills, attention to detail to find the clues and escape from all the dangers that lurk.

This type of activity allows you to get out of the routine and enjoy your birthday in a different way.

Celebration in a restaurant

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The birthday is an ideal occasion to share with loved ones and celebrate life, so organizing a meeting in a restaurant with our favorite food and that also has a cozy and pleasant atmosphere to enjoy its gastronomy, with a good musical background and excellent service, represents an excellent choice.

And if the restaurant is in Gran Canaria, even better, since there are numerous options to choose from, with terraces overlooking the sea, and delicious national and international dishes.

In addition, after the meeting you can continue the party in any of the bars, clubs and discos on the island, with the musical style you prefer.

It will definitely be a nice way to celebrate your birthday.