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12 Tips for Finding the Best Studio for Rent in Dubai

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If you are a single person ready to leave your parents’ nest – then it’s the right time to start your studio hunting. Finding an apartment might be pretty much of a hassle, especially if it’s your first time moving into a rented place in Dubai. Ah, Dubai… The UAE economy is one of the fastest-growing ones in the world, which is why finding an apartment that fits into your budget and meets all your requirements can be a bit difficult.

So, if you want to ease your budget, you should think of renting a studio apartment. Such apartments are perfectly suitable for a single person and are designed in a way that can be easily maintained. Yay! Since you have already made up your mind that you’ll live alone in this breathtaking city, let’s mention some of the tips on how to find the best place to rent.

1. Know your budget

It’s always good to be aware of your financial circumstances before stepping into the market in search of the best living space. The most advisable option is for the price not to exceed your monthly income – and you should take that quite seriously so you don’t end up stretching your budget as well as struggling with it during the month. The maximum price you’re ready to pay should be set before you start your search, and of course, exclusively according to your financial capacities.

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2. Decide on location within the city

Locations that are closer to the centers of entertainment, restaurants and the city center have higher prices. But on the other hand, if you don’t own a car, living in the suburb could spare you spending extra hours in traffic while trying to pass through rush hour.

Also, even if you own a car, maybe you’d still like to avoid driving through the rush hour – so there’s another good reason to get a studio apartment that is close to public transportation stops. In the end, regardless of whether you own a vehicle or not, the location is an important factor that needs to be seriously considered. Also, keep in mind that not all locations would be suitable for your salary. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city and involves countless different cultures in various neighborhoods – be specific about the type of culture you prefer when moving into your new place.

3. Secure a parking spot

As we already mentioned cars, it’s good to choose a building with parking included in the rental contract. Finding a parking spot in the city can be as equal a problem as rush hours. That’s why you should make sure that you have a space to park your twisted four-wheeler within the building area.

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4. Search online

After you determine how big you want your studio to be and its location, it’s  time to do some browsing and pick the one that will meet your expectations, if possible. Go online and adjust all the filters according to your wishes and preferences. Make a shortlist out of your research and contact your broker. Luckily, this city has some quite good advertising pages, such as yalla.deals, that help people not to waste too much time wandering and searching, as they have a huge spectrum of various studios for rent in Dubai.

This website is one of the most convenient websites when you need to find an apartment in Dubai. It is easy to navigate and you can rest assured that the studio you find is reliable and you will not encounter the unplanned problems.

5. Consider your options

There are various options available in this city – don’t rush and take your time. You can come across furnished, semi-furnished studio apartments within a wide price range. Watch out for hidden costs that might sneak in and also choose wisely the location, as suggested before, since the price differs depending on the location you choose to settle in.

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6. Make sure you register

Don’t forget to register with Ejari. In the Arabic language Ejari means ‘my rent’  and you can’t make any lease contracts without previously registering with it. It’s a system governed by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) that regulates and approves all contracts between tenants and landlords and offers legal protection for all involved.

7. Choose an authorized agent

For all the paperwork and contracts you will need a responsible and trustworthy person who will handle all that for you. When it comes to choosing an agent you need to ensure that the agent is registered with RERA as it’s illegal to engage with any unauthorized agents in Dubai.

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8. Inspect the space

Before you decide to seal the deal with a landlord, you should closely inspect the apartment. That means you should check all the appliances, pipes, and furniture. Also, if something isn’t working properly you should agree with a landlord to do some repairs before you move in. You shouldn’t move in until everything is functional and operational. Also, it might not be bad to take photos of the studio the moment you arrive in order to have the evidence of its state at the moment you moved in.

9. Negotiate rent

If your budget is already tight as it may already seem, and you want an affordable price for the studio – the worst that can happen is to hear a simple ‘no’ but it’s still worth trying, right? Negotiating could help you keep some money in your pockets.

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10. Make a reservation

You finally spotted the right one after a long and tiresome search? Don’t let it slip away and reserve it ASAP. Reservations are made by paying a security deposit of 5% of the rental amount or 1-month rent. After you pay, make sure that you’ve been given some kind of a receipt or an invoice for a deposit. The agent keeps the deposit you paid to the landlord until the contract has been finalized.

11. Know your rights

You must know your rights when it comes to renting. Don’t let anyone make a fool out of you and increase the monthly price whenever they want or come up with some imaginary bills.  An increase needs to follow the index set by RERA which gets updated every three months.

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12. DEWA Registration

After you sign your tenancy contract, it’s time to register with DEWA and get your electricity and water connection. It would be pretty much tough without those things, right? The UAE has its specific procedures and laws – and this is a crucial one that needs to be followed. Dubai Electricity and Water Authority are in charge of supplying water and electricity for your home and it simply isn’t possible to live without it in such a big city anyway, is it?


While all this may seem like a long and complicated process, if you follow the tips mentioned above the whole procedure might turn into quite a simple one. Know what you want and get a good real estate agent who can assist you at every step. When you find the right home for yourself… you’ll know. So just follow your intuition and with these tips, you’ll avoid all the red flags you might encounter on your way.