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5 Best Casinos in Auckland You Must Visit in 2024

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Auckland has so much to offer, from the natural beauties to nightlife that is very developed. The location of the city is perfect for a variety of activities, and no matter the preference, any tourist finds a way to experience this town. Once here, you can choose where you will spend your time. One of the most popular ways to pass time is to do a bit of casino visiting and put your luck to the test.

1. SkyCity casino

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Auckland is well known for being one of the tallest buildings, this one is called Sky Tower and it is mesmerizing on the outside and on the inside. This building offers a lot of attractions, but one of the biggest is the casino itself. Positioned in the building with the view on to the entire city, this casino offers services 24/7 and the number of visitors is truly incredible. One of the best things here is that the place actually takes care of its players by highlighting that betting should be done responsibly and it advises the players not to go over their budget limit, which is something that is very rare in the betting world. The capacity of the casino is enormous, with more than two thousand slot machines and around one hundred and fifty tables for card games. One other interesting thing about it is that if you are new and you would like to learn how to play, you can learn it here from the trained professionals. You can see why this casino is on top of the list, not only that it has a lot to offer in sense of games, but it also educates and nurture its players which is why most of the people are staying faithful and visit this place often.

2. Hamilton SkyCity

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The location of the casino is truly breathtaking; it provides an amazing view of the Waikato River. As the name says, this casino is part of the SkyCity franchise so it provides the same services as the casino mentioned above. This means that it also takes care of its players, providing lessons about the games, as well as highlighting the importance of conscious gambling. It also offers a good choice of restaurants and bars so visitors can relax here and recharge. What is specific for this one, is organizing so-called Money Carlo, an event that enables visitors to win four thousand dollars on two chances. Announcements and bookings for this particular event can be done from the website of the casino.

If you are too tired to go out or you are not in the mood for a suit and tie kind of action, and you are a fan of pokies, be free to visit topslotsnz.com test your luck.

3. Dunedin’s

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The city is in the harbor that is located on the south of the island. The casino is designed in such a way that it resembles the casinos in Monte Carlo; this includes a very luxurious interior and approach to the customers. Some players have stated that this one offers a very good mix of the old fashioned approach to betting and game playing with a hint of the up to date games and machines, providing a truly unique experience. When it comes to games, it has all of the customer’s favorites. Compared to the first two, that works 24/7, this casino is opened from eleven in the morning till three hours after midnight.

4. Christchurch

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This casino is offering a good number of card games tables and machines. Not only that it offers true casino games, but it also has a sports venue for the fans. It has been labeled as appropriate for both newbies and experienced visitors. This casino has recognized the rise in the esports, and made an entire room for the games played on PS4; interestingly enough, the games can be played for free. In very close proximity to the casino, restaurants are located so the players will have a good meal while staying here, enjoying and exploring new games. Valley Bar is a place to visit, since it doesn’t just offer a good choice of foods and drinks, but it has live shows that will add on to the experience. Working hours are the same as in Dunedin’s casino.

5. Queenstown

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Another part of the SkyCity franchise and this one is labeled a favorite by the players and visitors. It offers a lot of games that players adore, as well as special offers for beginners to learn how to play from real professionals. With a lot of places in the casino itself where foods and drinks can be offered, it makes the players feel like they are at home. It also hosts some special events, so before planning a visit, it is good to check if there are some in the line, since the events will provide an unforgettable experience to the visitors. The working hours are a bit different from all of the mentioned, so during all days, the casino works from noon till four in the morning. On Saturdays, it changes the time of opening and it starts working as early as eight in the morning. With special events, foods, drinks and an enormous number of the games to be played, this casino offers a very specific experience to anyone who visits.


While on the island of New Zealand, and in the city of Auckland it is always good to check out the hot spots and all the places that are labeled as a must. Sightseeing can be a bit tiring and sometimes you need to just lounge back and relax. So why not in one of the best casinos out there? Here, they do offer so much more than gambling and they cherish their players. Some of the casinos offer lessons for the ones new to this, and all of them offer an amazing service when it comes to foods and drinks. Visiting either from the list, you will not regret it.