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3 Best Bonuses for NBA Bettors

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Despite signs of encouragement and growing support, online gambling remains illegal in Atlanta. But that doesn’t mean sports fans living in the City in the Forest can’t enjoy the thrill of betting. Whether you’re gambling on the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United FC, or even the winner of the Kentucky Derby, you have options.

This article explains how you can wager without breaking the law. We have enlisted the help of an experienced online gambling expert who provides reliable information on how you can bet. Trust us to keep you on the right path.

There’s also a handy guide to bagging the best betting bonus for NBA gamblers available at leading sportsbooks, including those listed at BetOnline. There’s lots to get through, so let’s begin our quest to beat the bookies.

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How sports fans in Atlanta can bet

At present, it’s illegal to wager on a sports fixture while in Atlanta, including professional basketball. You can download an online betting app, but your laptop and smartphone won’t permit you to bet due to your location.

But there is a way around what is now little more than a mild annoyance for the city’s NBA lovers. Visit the nearest state with legalized betting, deposit funds to your online gambling account, and wager to your heart’s content.

While physically present in a state with relaxed betting laws, you can wager without fuss, even on a short stay. Bets will be honored, and winnings settled securely and quickly.

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Deposit-matched free bet

The most popular promotion for online NBA bettors is the deposit-matched free bet. It’s a promotion known as a welcome bonus or new customer offer reserved for bettors who create their first account.

Join a bookie, make your first deposit, and gamble on the NBA to qualify. You’ll bag a free bet equal to your first deposit and wager. Use free bet tokens to wager on the outright champion or any pre-game and live betting options.

The bonus allows you to aim for a big-priced winner, knowing the stakes for that wager come from your free bet allowance. All new players automatically qualify for the free bet.

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Profit boost

Another promotion that’s popular with online gamblers is the profit boost. Unlike the one above, this deal is available to both new and existing members of a bookie. Click the promotions tab of your chosen sportsbook to secure your profit boost.

Suppose you’re betting on a parlay with four or more teams to win. If all selections are good, your bet will settle as a winner, boosting the profits. The more winning selections in your parlay, the bigger the boost.

Enhanced odds

A great bonus for NBA bettors is the enhanced odds deal. A bookie will boost the odds of a popular pick to encourage more bettors to visit their app.

For example, if all bookies offer +100 odds on the Chicago Bulls, but one app has the same team at +300, it’s an easy decision. It’s worth checking the promos page before each bet to see what’s available.