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4 Benefits of Live Streaming During The COVID-19 Pandemic – 2024 Guide

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Life is wonderful, and for it to be that way, all we need is freedom. Freedom is great for each of us. When we are free we can do everything. We can go for walks, hang out with family and friends, go to parties, go on vacations, weekend trips … But a different time has come that none of us hoped for. The time has come that has changed us all, changed our way of life, our habits, and the way we function. The time has come for a pandemic that no one has ever imagined could ever happen. We live under new circumstances that are dictated by the new virus – Coronavirus or better known as Covid-19.

In the beginning, it was hard for us, we have never been so long before without friends, co-workers, and without the beautiful events and activities, we enjoyed. We returned to the homes where we usually should be. There we transferred all the work responsibilities, the children’s schools moved to the home and all the other activities that we had practiced before. Work, study, watch movies and series, watch concerts, rehearsals, and celebrations – all from home with the help of the internet and advanced technology.

Slowly we all got used to it and realized that it is important to stay away from the virus and be very careful. Our biggest partners and allies at this time are the internet and technology that helps us function without stopping, protected, and safe from the new situation.

Friends are in the most difficult here, and in those moments our virtual friends were and still are applications like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. The most practical and most used throughout the pandemic was Zoom, which with its practicality and availability was the number one choice for every meeting, school class, lecture, meeting with close people, and even for music concerts, seminars, and other events at which we used to be physically present in normal conditions. This is our new temporary normalcy that will slowly become a thing of the past and we will tell our children, grandchildren, and future generations about it. Until then, we must stay connected, yet safe no matter the circumstances.

So it will be, thanks to the internet through which we can do meetings, live streamings and much more. The possibilities are great, and today we will talk about the best one, it is the internet broadcasts. Wondering why it is so practical and popular? We will explain this to you through 4 strong reasons and benefits.

1. You will be protected

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The first and most important thing during a virus is to stay protected. This is the reason why we wear masks, disinfect, and wash our hands often and keep a physical distance from people when we are in a restaurant, market, or outdoors. For this reason, all events have been streamed online via video streaming. So from the very beginning, the broadcasts of the press conferences through Zoom started, then people started to transfer the weddings online from the beginning to the end, the birthday celebrations together with the blowing of the candles, and even the funerals in case a loved one who is a real benefit in these unsafe conditions.

According to Schmittat Photography, live streaming funerals via Zoom offers a real opportunity for families to grieve together and to pay their respects to the deceased person even if they cannot be present in person. Showing respect in this way will also protect you which is very important. So let’s stick to the rules, stay protected and continue to function temporarily in this way when there are already opportunities through live broadcasts.

2. You will save time

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Although safety comes first, another thing that is a huge benefit is saving time. Just imagine how much time is spent preparing, ironing clothes, traveling from home to the place where you have to attend the event, attending, and finally returning home. In our opinion, this would take about 4 hours. Whereas if you are at home and from home, you are present at an orphan event that will go live on the Internet and to which you are invited via a conference call in that case you will spend time just wearing something decent from above and posing in front of the camera from your computer. This will save you time, which is very important, and economists compare it to money, which is very true. Be a great time manager for yourself.

3. You will save money

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Just imagine how much a trip to your city from point A to point B costs you. The cost you incur primarily includes the gasoline you will spend with your car or the car you will buy in public transport, this includes all travel expenses such as buying a gift, buying additional things for you as a protective mask, disinfectant, water, chewing gum or coffee and much more. If we continue to list, the list can be too big and too long, and we know that your wallet does not like such a list at all. He prefers when you are at home and when you follow events from home through one of the platforms that offer these opportunities. So be economical, be friends with your wallet and budget and switch online.

4. You will be present without any excuse

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The new time we live in the last 12 months somehow seems to give us an extra reason to make excuses when we need to be somewhere or attend. This is most often because we are afraid for our safety, and in most cases, we are not financially able or we are very lazy and do not want to go anywhere except at home. That’s why online broadcasts are a great opportunity in this time of the pandemic. They offer us to follow everything and be present everywhere from the comfort of our home without giving any stupid excuses due to our laziness most of the time. All you have to do is turn on your computer, connect to one of the platforms, and be present at the event to which you are invited. It is very simple, painless, and costs nothing. It is a perfect opportunity for everyone and at any time.

Although we thought that we would not be able to function normally and that we would stay at home forever doing nothing, we realized that someone had long ago thought of coming up with something that would shorten our suffering and make our lives easier. Perfection in such situations is achieved through video transmissions that do not require excessive preparation and excessive spending of money, and yet it is great for replacing real encounters with people. Therefore, let us use it to the best of our ability, along with all the benefits that this opportunity offers us, and keep it until the good old days that have just arrived do not return. Stay safe and connected!