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How to Balance Academics and Social Life: Tips for Successful College Student Life

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There are two categories of students – those who have no social life but do very well academically and others who struggle academically but are on top of their social lives. In between these two are those who do well both academically and socially.

It is easy to find the first two categories but rare to find the third one. This is because, for most students, balancing academics and social life is a big issue. Here are some valuable things you can do to become part of the third category.

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1. Seek Help

Students sometimes cannot socialize because they’re stuck with work. Who has time to make friends when a deadline stares you in the face? However, you can seek help for the work you’re stuck with.

Some sites can help with your assignment, such as https://mycustomessay.com/custom-college-papers.html. Outsourcing your work might not be a bad idea in the end. You get professional help, extra time, and good grades. Outsourcing your work might not be a bad idea in the end. You get professional help, extra time, and good grades.

2. Plan your Schoolwork

Starting your day without an adequate plan will leave you in a mess, so do not make that mistake. You could use a digital organizer to plan your work schedule. Know when you work best and plan your work around that time. Never leave assignments undone.

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3. Set Daily Targets

Setting daily targets can be a good way of keeping yourself on top of your academic work. As you wake up each day, be specific about what you want to achieve and work towards it. This gives you a sense of direction for the day and helps to manage your time better.

4. Make Friends of Like Minds

If your friends are people who would rather party than do academic work, you will not go far. This is because they will be a constant distraction to you. On the other hand, if your friends are academic hermits, you might be the same. This is because they might make you feel unserious if you try socializing.

It is better to have friends who are on the same page as you. They will understand that you have academic work to keep up with and support your need to socialize. These sets of friends are more supportive than the first two categories.

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5. Remove Distractions

When you are setting targets, and you have allotted time to that target, make sure every distraction is eliminated. Remove your phone, the internet, and anything that can distract you. This will help you get your work done faster and give you time to attend to other things

6. Make Time for Activities You Like

There is never a “best” or “perfect” time. The best time to do a thing is the time you have set for it. Be conscious about creating time to engage in other activities like singing, dancing, joining a club, etc. Don’t wait until all your work is done because you can’t finish it.

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7. Join a School Club

School clubs usually have a fixed schedule. This makes it easier for you to factor them into your own time. Not only will joining school clubs help you socialize and build relationships, but they can also help you with academics.

There are lots of helpful school clubs you can join. A sports club will help you keep fit and a math club will help you to develop your arithmetic skills. There are other school clubs that can help your academics and social life in school. The gain is that you learn while playing.


As a student, you need to accept that you cannot join every social activity. You should, however, not be so secluded. Those relationships you build through socializing with others are useful for your academics.