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Atlnightspots Q&A With Lena Chase

Model Lena Chase talks to Atlnightspots.com about the type of man she wants, Zimmerman trial, future plans and more..
ANS Sheed:Magazines you’ve been featured in?
LC:Straight Stuntin, Pure Dope, Stacked, Dynasty Series, Ed Lovers “C’mon Son” series, ThrottleLife, Golden Honey, FunkmasterFlex.com, cover of YMCMB’s first published book “Murderville”, Jackthriller.com, Bossip.com, and many many many moreANS Sheed:We schedule a date night,dinner and a movie or sightseeing?
LC:Sightseeing. Dinner and a movie is typical and, quite frankly, boring. Unless the movie is a Pixar cartoon. I love love love cartoons. Specifically Pixar ones lol.

ANS Sheed:Measurements?
LC:5’6″ 34-29-50

ANS Sheed:A man with goals or a man with dreams?
LC:Wow, such an awesome question!! Because I’ve always been a big dreamer I think I’d prefer to date someone with goals to balance me out. I think goals are dreams but on a more level headed and organized scale. I need that.

ANS Sheed:Your take on the Zimmerman trial?
LC:I’m disgusted by the defense. While we live in a democracy and everyone has the right to a “fair” trial, the bottom line is a innocent child’s life was stolen. There is no defense in my mind. I’m also disgusted by the black community’s reaction to Rachel Jeantel’s ongoing testimony in general. She’s under incredible amounts of pressure and experienced a great loss and instead of supporting her we’ve decided to rip her apart for, of all things, her weight and the way she speaks! But I will continue to watch the trial and pray for justice. It’s much bigger than just Trayvon, it’s justice for all the mistreated and the silenced young black men in America and around the world, historically and to date. Everyone’s watching and the outcome of this trial will say a whole lot about the state of America.

ANS Sheed:You’re from the DMV area,what’s the usual scene like up there?
LC:Let me first start out by saying that while I love the DMV area, Washington DC should stand on its own as any other city does. DC has a huge culture all its own. From our legendary GoGo music to the way we dress. It’s like nowhere else and deserves to be recognized as its own enti*y. No disrespect to Maryland or Virginia. Lol!

ANS Sheed:The things you genuinely love the most?
LC:Miles Davis. Traveling. Hello Kitty. Gentlemen. The ocean. Napping at 3pm. Coltrane. Kissing. Frida Kahlo. Laughing so hard that tears fall out my eyes. My family.

ANS Sheed:In 2013 Lena Chase will____
LC:Help break down the negative stereotypes of Urban Models.

ANS Sheed:July 4th is this Thursday..you just gonna chill with the fam,BBQ,pop firecrackers,all that right?
LC:Absolutely! It’s only right.

ANS Sheed:Contact/Booking Info?
LC:Book me at [email protected] follow me in twitter @Lena_Chase and on Instagram @LenaChase_