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Android vs iOS Mobile Casino Apps 2024

Which one is better in 2024, iOS or Android casino apps? Well, it is difficult to tell because both platforms have come a long way. Android and iOS are more secure and flexible than ever. Let us take a look at some facts to help you decide which one is better.

Why Download an App?

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Mobile devices give players a personalized experience. Punters and gamblers rely on their mobile phones to access their favourite games no matter where they are. The good thing about an app is that it remembers who you are, and your lobby may look different from others.

You do not have to log in every single time, and it is easy to transfer money to your casino account or withdraw from it. A downloadable app is also not susceptible to attacks since you are not using a browser. With a casino app, there is an extra layer of security before malware can enter your app, and worse, your phone’s system.

iOS Apps Are More Reliable

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IOS is a high-end platform. The people behind Apple release upgrades that work perfectly in the Apple universe, which is unlike Android. In iOS, a casino or game developer has to comply with tons of requirements before the app gets approved, part of which is a stringent security measure. Some features are:

  • The operating system itself is much more reliable than Android. This is why Apple devices are much more expensive.
  • No one else can use the Apple system, unlike Android where there are dozens of phone manufacturers who are sharing it.
  • While there is no doubt that Android is the preferred choice of many mobile device owners, the only reason this happens is that the Android universe offers an endless choice of phones at an affordable price.

If you are a developer, you also know that iOS provides better privacy and security for your app, unlike Android which is open-source. iOS is also better than Android when it comes to performance and stability.

Less Fake Casinos in iOS

Apple is known for its strict standards. Apple wants to know who the developers are, and they want to make sure that the game developers are legit. This does not always happen in Android.

Because Google is more relaxed in its security standards, a lot of people use this platform to cheat. This is why there are thousands of cheap apps in the Android universe—cheap apps that do not work or apps that are just rip-offs of others.

In the app store, it is very rare for you to come across bad casino apps that seem to have been put together by an amateur. Instead, you will find top-notch casino apps like Jack Mobile Casinos. You see, Apple is selling its products for a premium, so they want to make sure that the apps found in iTunes are all legit. They want to give their users the best possible experience.

Worse, there are many malware apps in Android. These apps masquerade as games or as casinos, but they will destroy your phone.

iOS Casino Apps Look Better

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Apple does not only check if the game works, but Apple also takes the time to make sure that the casino app is beautiful. Just because a game developer submits a casino app for release doesn’t mean it will be approved.

Apple will check the app as far as aesthetics are concerned. As mentioned earlier, people at Apple want to make sure that their customer experience is the best. This is what the Apple fans are paying for.

Apple employees will check the gameplay, the user interface and the entire user experience. If all these do not pass Apple’s standards, the casino app will be returned to the casino for review. The casino now has to change some of its elements and then resubmit the app to Apple.

This process will keep on repeating until the Apple standards are met. This is why whenever you see an Apple app, the app’s performance seemingly is far better than its Android counterpart.

New Games Are Mostly in Apple

Because of Apple’s high standards, developers prioritize releasing their games on iOS. If a casino’s app makes it in the Apple universe, then chances are that the app will also get approved in Android.

As such, you are more likely to see newer games and apps on the iOS platform, because it serves as a testing ground for the developers. After the iOS version of the casino is released, it will take a few months before the game developer can recreate it and make it work on the Android platform.

On the other hand, the opposite can happen. There are many app developers who do not want to go through all the hoops that they have to in Apple, so they produce games for the Android platform. What happens is that once they have released their game on Android, it will take them years to release it in iOS or sometimes never. It is not unusual to see casino apps in the Android operating system that have no iOS counterpart. Nevertheless, there are more new games and apps on the iOS platform than Android.


Be it Android or iOS, game developers and casino operators make it a point to produce game titles and software that fit the universe of each platform. The choice is completely up to you. No matter which platform you choose, the games have the same payouts and odds.

Now, some casinos may be available on Android but not on iOS, or it is the other way around. The best thing you can do is to check the casino’s website and then find out if the app is offered on the platform you are using.

If not, look for another great online casino until you find one that you can play on your device. Or, you can access the casino that has no app on your platform via your mobile phone’s browser. Never forget to validate if the casino is licensed or not—the last thing you want is to play games in a fake online casino.