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A Disease Called Chronic Pain: The Use Of Kratom In Treatment

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Pain is the most common reason why patients visit a doctor on all continents. It can vary in intensity, duration, localization, on how it is expressed, and especially how it is experienced. It is a very complex and subjective experience and feeling that has a symptom behind which is always a good reason. But how to combat it?

A Disease Called Chronic Pain

The World Health Organization annually publishes a list of ten diseases that people most commonly die of. Chronic pain is not on that list, but it can kill a person if it leads to depression or anxiety. According to some research, every fourth American suffers from some form of chronic pain, and in the last twenty years, it has been the primary cause of sick leave. It is estimated that, for this reason, US companies lose about $ 250 billion a year – directly and indirectly.

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Why Does It Hurt?

Scientists believe that the pain originated in the evolution of the animal world, as a three-member alert system. First, the pain points to the injury sustained. Second – it reminds the individual to move away from the source of the injury. And third, to force us to a period of limited activity for the wound to heal successfully. The sensory threshold is inherited and binds to GCH-1, the gene of chromosome 7. About a quarter of people in the world have a specific type of this gene, which is tasked with protecting against the ache, so they are better able to tolerate problems.

Can Pain Intensity Be Measured?

It is difficult to measure the intensity of aching state in an individual because, in addition to the physical, it has a psychological, social and cultural component. Some people show extreme discomfort from quite minor injuries, while others feel weak or even no pain after suffering from multiple injuries or bad health states.

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When Pain Becomes Chronic

Chronic painful condition is every condition that lasts more than six months. If it’s left untreated, many aspects of the patient’s life, work, socializing, daily activities and rest can be adversely affected. It is often accompanied by psychological illnesses such as anxiety, depression and loss of confidence. Painful conditions are often caused by arthritis, headaches, severe viral infections, or addictions. These chronic conditions affect women more than men, and the most common types are chronic low back pain and migraines. The strongest chronic pain is thought to occur in the advanced stages of cancer. In such situations, people often turn to natural remedies.

Kratom – Abusive Drug Or A Remedy?

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is a tropical tree from the coffee plant family and already by the names of different varieties, it can be concluded that it comes from Southeast Asia. This plant, although useful in many respects – is still under public scrutiny for individuals who have tended to abuse it. Kratom or acts on the same opioid receptors as opium, that is, its psychoactive component morphine. It is simulating the so-called opioid receptors making similar effects as the heroin – though it is far less addictive. It is also a great painkiller. According to Austin Vibes, one of the most popular strains for pain relief is Green Malay Kratom.

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Online Purchasing

Of course, you have to be very careful when buying it online. This is about knowing the legal regulations in your country and how they treat the consumption of this plant. On the other hand, be careful when shopping, especially when ordering products online. According to ShopKetum, you need to make sure that your order is always made at a respectable manufacturer and distributor of such products. It happens sometimes that when you buy from unverified distributors you get something that you neither asked for nor paid for. Not to mention some other more dangerous options related to the mandatory instructions for use, dosage, etc. That is why you can find a quality retailer such as Oasis Kratom.

Why Is Kratom Associated With Prohibitions?

The main problem arose when individuals eager for narcotic stimulants began to abuse the plant in combination with other narcotics. At that time, the FDA took the 36 death tolls from 2010 till now as the main argument for the ban. However, they were omitting the crucial fact that it was a ‘combo’ use – that is, a combination with other extremely dangerous drugs. Yet most states have not banned it – both because of its relatively low addictive nature and because of its huge potential for treating depression. Experienced users say that it is very helpful in treating many other chronic painful conditions.

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Why Kratom?

For aches that cannot be treated by non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. To help to quit from stronger drugs abusing. For increased energy and reducing anxiety and depression. Kratom is a good analgesic, it is somewhere between a weak and a moderate opioid. Subjectively, Kratom shares with opioids all characteristics, only they are less pronounced. Due to its simultaneous effect on serotonin, dopamine, and adrenaline, kratom gives a specific subjective feeling. A slight opiate feeling is enhanced by added empathy and energy. It is true that at lower doses (and depending on tolerance) – 3 – 5g is more stimulant than opioid, while as the dose increases – stimulation decreases, and sedation and analgesia increase.

The Difference Between Opium And Kratom

Besides the opiate effect, Kratom has an antidepressant and stimulating effect. That is most noticeable with lower doses. Opium does not have such an effect, and if it does, it lasts very briefly and is not its main characteristic. Many people compare it to the effects of caffeine, ephedra, and alcohol. The person feels awake, less tired, with increased physical energy, motivation, and sometimes a great libido and strong sexual energy. Furthermore, because of the problem of intake described above, if no extracts are made, Kratom has neither the strength nor the potential for a severe physical and psychological crisis.

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What Do User Experiences Say?

Most reports are positive and have an emphasis on euphoria and a comfortable feeling, though constant use can lead to slight psychophysical dependence on abuse and irresponsible consumption. The negative reports we can read are related to overdoses, in people who are addicted to the herb or in combination with other drugs.