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5 Symptoms of Celiac Disease

People tend to forget that their body is a pride asset that requires nurturing and attention. We all fall in that trap to neglect signs that something in our body is not functioning correctly, right? Recognizing the obvious symptoms is a crucial step in treating the disease effectively. Probably the turning point is the visit to the doctors when you accept the fact that you need professional help in diagnosing the condition you are in.

When speaking about frequent and joint diseases people suffer from, the topic of Celiac disease is at the top of any list. The study shows the staggering number that on 1 out of 130 people living in the US suffers from Celiac disease, over 1% of the total population. Many times frequently misdiagnosed because of the medical ignorance of patients and a significant number of symptoms (over 200) that can baffle even the most experienced professionals in the field. We have done the homework and prepared five top recognizable signs of Celiac disease.

Weight Changes

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Constant weight changes for people who suffer from Celiac disease is probably the most recognizable symptom. Over 20% of people who deal with it show problems with keeping their desirable weight and continuously losing the battle. This is a clear sign of Celiac disease, especially with younger children who may be misdiagnosed. Consider the visit to the doctor’s office if you recognize these signs, and apply imaware test at the comfort of your home. Done in less than five minutes with the answer in your hands.


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One of the earliest symptoms is diarrhea. Caused by the damage to the small intestine affects the digestive functions, resulting in frequent watery stools. Unfortunately, diarrhea is a symptom of many other diseases and can be misleading in diagnosis. Still, in Celiac disease, over 80% of patients suffer from it, and another 20% have chronic diarrhea after receiving treatment.

Constipation and Gas Bloating

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Constipation follows up as a result of diarrhea, which results in gas bloating as the three main symptoms of Celiac disease. The damage to the small intestine results in frequent constipation, depending on the diet you apply while treating the Celiac disease. The other recognizable side effect of the loss on the small intestine is gas bloating. Over 75% of people with Celiac disease suffer from gas bloating according to the study, which included over 1000  participants treating the disease.

Skin Rashes

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Apart from the above mentioned digestive symptoms, skin rashes are the most recognizable visual sign. Skin rashes appear on the knees and elbows. The study shows that patients with skin rashes didn’t report any digestive symptoms in early stages or during treatment afterward. Only 10% of the people included in the study showed combined skin rashes and gastrointestinal symptoms simultaneously.

Constant Headaches

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The last on our list of apparent symptoms that show the presence of the Celiac disease is frequent headaches. The condition is characteristic of migraines as a result of inflammation and increased intestinal difficulties. The study shows the lack of will-power, energy in the body, with anxiety and depression in the end. The circle of chain connected symptoms that only Celiac disease should be recognized as the visible signs you should have in your mind after reading this article.