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5 Online Slots Trends to Watch In 2024

The advancement of technology and the internet has undoubtedly affected all industries. One of them is certainly the gambling industry, which has been revolutionized in the last two decades. Namely, the Internet has influenced the creation of many online gambling sites so that it’s no longer necessary to go to a real casinos to gamble. This makes online casinos accessible to anyone at any time, no matter where you are.

Simply, technology has made the gambling industry to grow, especially online gambling. The value of the online gambling industry is estimated to be around $60 billion in 2024, which means that competition is tough and all online gambling sites must bring innovations and improve business. For example, one of the most popular types of casino games are slot machines. As with other casino games, new technologies and trends apply to slots. We’ve listed some of them below so you can check out the top 5 online slots trends to watch in 2024. If you like new trends you can check out NetBet – a company that follows these trends in the world of online gambling and could be a good reference for upcoming changes and trends.

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1. Application of Virtual and Augmented Reality

We believe that you are familiar with virtual reality because this technology has been around for some time and is being implemented in various fields. It may be the most implemented in the video game industry and elevates gaming to a higher level and gives gamers a new experience. However, as we said, this technology is widely used in all areas, including online gambling. Virtual reality is great because gambling in online casinos with VR can offer a pretty realistic feel similar to a real casino. Whether you love poker, blackjack, roulette, slots or any online gambling game, VR is applicable and can bring a lot to this industry.

According to arab-casino.org, there are currently online casinos with this technology, but VR is still underutilized and is therefore expected to become a trend in the coming years. However, augmented reality can bring even more exciting experience because uses not only the virtual environment but a combination of the virtual and the real world. AR is the technology that gamers also first faced within the world-famous Pokémon Go game. Now, this technology is becoming a part of online casinos and brings to all fans of online gambling games new features that will significantly add to the realistic feel.

2. Application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Artificial intelligence is another new technology you’ve probably heard of or read about before, while Machine Learning may not be too familiar to you. In any case, AI is widely used in various industries and is a technology that simulates processes characteristic of human intelligence when performing certain tasks. On the other hand, we also have Machine Learning, which is actually part of AI, one of its branches, and uses advanced algorithms to advance the execution of certain tasks.

Wondering how these two modern technologies can improve the online gambling experience? Well, for example, every time you log in to an online casino site, we believe you are playing your favorite games. To enhance the user experience, these casinos use artificial intelligence to show your favorite games the next time you log in based on your previous activities. That means you don’t have to waste time searching but can start gambling right away.

In addition to this, artificial intelligence can be used to enhance other aspects of the user experience. For example, it is almost pointless today to have a site without proper customer support. First of all, we think of chatbots that can help users in different ways. Gamblers use them by asking questions and getting answers. AI can help advance the chatbot so that the answers become more complex and accurate, thus contributing to better user experience and providing the right support.

3. Use of Popular Blockchain Technology

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Another technology you’ve probably heard about especially if you are a cryptocurrency trader is blockchain technology. This advanced technology was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, alias of person or group that created Bitcoin. Blockchain is extremely secure and resistant to various hacking and malware attacks. This means that it is impenetrable and there is currently no person who can compromise your online casino security if the blockchain is implemented. The whole system is a network of computers that isn’t owned or controlled by a single entity and is used to store information about, for example, transactions. Information and data are protected by the use of cryptography and cannot be altered in any way.

The application of blockchain technology has recently started in casinos. However, given that blockchain brings transparency and fair play, we believe that in the next few years, the number of online casinos using blockchain will increase. This technology also applies to transactions and can improve security when online gambling. Also, blockchain could make these type of casinos accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

4. Enhancing Smartphone Apps

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The thing that would contribute to even better user experience and can make online slots and gambling in general widespread is mobile gambling. This includes making online casinos mobile-friendly and creating smartphone apps. Given that many people have a smartphone that is portable, this trend would make gambling even more accessible and bring profits to casinos.

5. More Payment Options

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Previously, we mentioned Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies generally. Unfortunately, although BTC has been around for almost 11 years, it hasn’t yet been sufficiently adopted as an official payment option. That could change at least when it comes to online casinos because the owners of these digital coins also gamble and would love to spend their virtual coins in the virtual world without exchanging for FIAT currencies. In addition to cryptocurrencies, there is a need for implementing more payment options, because there are many gamblers who play around the world and may not use PayPal, Visa, and similar services.