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10 Types of Pajamas Every Woman Should Try

Sleepwear has to be comfortable and to make us feel good. There are different designs, fabrics, and sizes on the market from which you can choose the one that fits you best.

Here are the 10 most popular types of pajamas every woman should try.

1. Night Dress

Source: ElleSilk

These are really cute and you will absolutely fall in love with them. Nightdress fits every body shape. If you live in a humid climate, this would be a great choice for you.

2. Nightgown

Source: Shadowline Lingerie

A classic option, nightgowns are probably the most favored type of women pajamas. You can find models upgraded with different prints and lace patterns. A favorite is the satin one. It looks so feminine, right?

3. Short set

Source: Boohoo

Another cute one. These are also pretty comfortable. Short sets complement everyone’s look, no matter if she is tall or petite. Wearing a pair of those would make you look and feel carefree and light.

4. Capri set

Source: La Femme Dangereuse

Perfect for the long winter nights, Capri sets are a type of pJ’s that is suitable if you are a part of a big family and live together.

5. Robe set

Source: DHgate.com

These sets are stylish and sensual. They come in various lengths and designs from which you can choose. Satin robe sets are a great choice if you want to surprise your partner tonight. They would make every woman look gorgeous.

6. Sleepshirt

Source: Hatley

Simple, yet comfortable decision. Sleepshirts will make you feel light and comfortable, especially during the humid summer nights. There are plenty of options – rolled-up sleeve, long sleeve, or short sleeve in different prints.

7. Cotton pajama set

Source: Amazon

Another classic choice. It will keep you warm and cozy during the night. The best option is the Pima cotton pajama set. You could learn more about these jammies on this page. Pima is a high-quality cotton produced in Peru. It will keep you warm and comfortable. Another benefit is that it allows the body to breathe.

8. Jumpsuit

Source: Fruugo

This one is perfect for pajama parties and the summer season. It is fashionable and will make you stand out. Jumpsuits are comfy, too. Here again, there are plenty of choices when it comes to prints and designs.

9. Flannel set

Source: Bobobobo

Well, the flannel set is the queen of comfortable PJs. Once you put it on, you will want to stay constantly in it. During the winter, this pajama set will become your best friend. Trust me on this one.

10. Tee and leggings set

Source: Pinterest

“Simplicity” is the word that can describe this option. You can sleep, lounge, or even workout in this set. It is up to you and your imagination how to combine both parts of the set. I am sure you could come up with some interesting combinations.


There are really plenty of choices when it comes to women’s pajamas. These are just the most popular of them. Which one you will choose depends mostly on your personality and preferences. The most important thing about sleepwear is to make us feel cozy and happy. So choose your pajama pairs wisely.