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10 Best Reasons for Studying in Singapore in 2024

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Singapore is a polis island state as well as a city-state. This city-state nestled on the main island which is surrounded by 63 other small islands, offering its inhabitants a real melting pot of culture and one of the best qualities of life in the world. Except for that, Singapore is also famous for its education system. Every year, there are millions of students from different countries choose to study in this country. Why? Here is a list of the 10 good reasons to study in Singapore that will answer your question.

1. A dynamic city where everything is possible

Singapore is a developed country and innovation is at the heart of the economy in this country. Constant economic development makes this city-state extremely dynamic on several levels. Singapore believes in youth and their creativity. It encourages people to do everything creative. Here, you will be told “Why not” and “Go for it!” when you plan to make some attempts.

2. University environment

Singapore invests heavily in its education system. This is why several of its universities are among the top 1% in the world. You can click here to get more information about the top universities in Singapore. All these universities, as well as the environment conducive to the development of opportunities and innovation, attract talent from around the world. The demand for employers for graduates of Singapore universities is therefore very high!

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3. Location of strategic geography

Singapore’s geographic location is a real economic asset for the country. It is home to one of the most important ports globally and its airport has been voted the “best airport in the world” more than once by the World Airport Award, etc. All these are very good news for you, the future visitors and students of Singapore! Indeed, located in the “center” of Asia and close to Oceania, you can take advantage of the location of Singapore to explore the neighboring countries in a very easy and efficient way. You will therefore certainly pass more than once in this superb airport, where you will find a swimming pool, a tropical garden or a cinema accessible 24 hours a day.

4. A real melting pot

In Singapore, there is a real mixing of cultures. With no less than 4 official languages (including English), you will have no difficulty integrating into the city. At first glance the city seems to be a maze of streets with the most modern buildings while you will find there also typical districts, such as China Town and Little India. No doubt you will feel completely out of place! The people who live there or who visit the city are all aware of this cultural diversity. This is certainly why you will meet carefree people from all over the world and open-minded people! What could be more enriching than exchanging about one’s respective cultures and countries?

5. Security

Singapore is known for its security. The laws are very strict and the fines are very steep here. You can circulate in all the cities at any time without any problem!

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6. Very rich culinary scene

Friends of good food, Singapore is a city made for you! Even if living in this city-state is not cheap, it is easy to find places to eat there for not too expensive and places where you eat well! You can, for example, cross the “food court” and eat dishes of several nationalities. In Singapore, it is not difficult to find what you want to eat. The challenge is to know how to make a choice between all these delicious cuisines.

7. A “garden city”

Although there are 5 million people live in Singapore, you won’t feel oppressed. The city is indeed very “airy” and is committed to offering its residents as much green space as possible, which largely explains the very good quality of life in Singapore.

8. A myriad of activities

Whether on the main island or on the others around it, you will not be bored in Singapore. This country have museums, gardens, Rooftops where enables you to have incredible views of the city. In addition, it also has an island for leisure and recreational activities – Sentosa. Everything is done to keep you in Singapore!

9. Student city

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Even though the cost of living in Singapore is relatively high, there are several options available for students to make the most of their experience in the city-state. For example, you can live in shared accommodation which is at the same prices as in Paris. Or if you want to live in an even more comfortable way, why not rent a “condo”. These apartments often offer some services like cleaning, swimming pool, jacuzzi and so on.

10. Unique experience

Yes, rare are the cities where you can experience living in an ultra-modern metropolis which also shelters typical districts. The cultural mix, modernity, the ideal geographical situation as well as the very rich biodiversity present in the city-state make Singapore a dream destination! By studying here, you can have unique experience.

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These are top 10 reasons for studying in Singapore. For those who want to further their studies in other countries, Singapore is certainly one of the best choices. However, it is not easy to study abroad in Singapore. Hence, once making your decision, you need to prepare for the overseas study as soon as possible. If you don’t know how to start it, you can make use of CatEight to search for a university in Singapore that suits you first then follow the guide to apply for the chosen school.