After a long investigation by the ANS CSI team, we finally figured out who this lady was. Enjoy these pics of Yolie Monroe soaking up some sun on the beach.


  • President Ward

    Dayummmmmm!! Honey bun!!

    Wolfpack Inc.

  • Playboy69

    She is a Solid 8!….PAWG Power is Real!…LOL!

    • President Ward

      Solid 8 dawg? Aw hell naw! I’ll give her a solid 9!

      • Playboy69

        @Ward… Rosee is SEXIER!…LOL!

        • rosee has a slight advantage since she my france fam,but that’s it haha

        • President Ward

          @Playboy true story!!

  • 850

    Where’s her old pics? She looks great don’t get me wrong. I’ll give her an 8 for now.

    • President Ward

      U to dawg. She’s a 8! Like i said i’ll give her a 9 real talk!

    • in my just kidding. just check alltheparties man,she one of them starlets nyc chicks last i heard

      • President Ward

        @Lateef and @Playboy. Rosee looks italian too me my dudes.

  • MoorFeen4Lorraine

    She solid. Legitimate

    • Mister Mister

      LOL, surprised you’re not tripping about the skin tone this time

    • What happened to that weak azz “she too light” speech u always yelling? Now u talking she legitimate huh?? And she’s white!! This nigga don’t know who he is LOL. #moor-lost-than-found

      • MoorFeen4Lorraine

        Hey! Malcolm X slept with white-Moor sleep with white woman. Fuq off my back

        • Playboy69

          @Moor…”Louis Farrakhan Voice” Stay away from the PORK my Brother!…LMAO!

  • Southwestern

    White girl would get beaten.

  • Thanks @hahz for putting this up. Sol Novus got another one.

  • cadillacgrease of CorpTX

    shiiiid yeah!

  • blizzy

    all that’s missing is my hands oiling that donk up

  • mr leftfoot

    she a solid 8

  • @hahz, who the hell is this???

    This chick definitely gets the thumbs up on both hands from…damn!!
    Any info??

  • lazarus

    middle-weight PAWG. Not bad 7-7.5