Who Knew Suzanne Malveaux Of CNN Was Built Like This

· December 7, 2012

Suzanne Malveaux Atlnightspots.com

46-Year old Suzanne M. Malveaux the anchor of Newsroom International and the 1pm–2pm edition of CNN. She is secretly holding back what she is really working with.. I think we found the donk of the day.

Suzanne Malveaux Atlnightspots.com

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Discussion33 Comments

  1. yungwhittx says:

    Damn she holding for real..

  2. DCAssLuva says:

    look like 1 of them pics of black girls on the train wit the pole in they ass lol

    i was wondering why this old lady in the eye candy section she a white girl right ?

  3. Playboy69 says:

    Stephanie Elam on CNN got way more donk than her…that why she is the FINANCIAL GURU…LOL!

  4. man,she is holding some serious cake. her and soledad o’brien would be a celestial threesome.

  5. Realtalkin says:

    Didnt expect that! Defo workin with a lil suttin

  6. bloggette says:

    And there are TWO of her … TWINS!

  7. tyuaza says:

    46 with an ass like that well damn

  8. Y’all late. Suzanne Malveaux been had a*s.

  9. Tim says:

    There are a few T.V anchors holding it. Tamron Hall ain’t holding much but she made dime piece. Bet none of them are married either. I did not know she was 46, Tamron about 40 something too.

    I have a local anchor in my state, GiGi Barnett who I saw in person once and will never forget.

    They also have a lot of bad, thick single conservative anchors and talking heads too. All of them are single, wonder why?

    • @Tim…… GiGi Barnette is a beautiful silky black pretty lady. I would wife her ass up.

      • Tim says:

        This dude once said she was not pretty, I thick it was because he liked “Sun Shine Broads.” I would wife her real quick. I wonder if Tim Williams has tried his hand? I think he is married but if people still believe in secret and flings, who know!

        • @Tim I tell you what if I ever see Gigi I’ll try her sexy ass. She got brains,beauty, if she’s down to earth and cool. You damn right she’s mine. All mine!!!!

          @Mr.Niceguy Tameron Hall is a beuatiful brown slim goodie. I’ll take her too. Between her and gigi it’s a win,win situation.

    • Mr Nice Guy says:

      @ Tim, Tamron is nice and very down to earth. I can see her doing it big on Today. Body off the chain and she’s Texas bred!!

      • Tim says:

        @Nice Guy always like Tamron Hall, heard she was engaged not sure if it’s too a white dude or black dude. Happy for whoever it maybe, Not!

        @850 yes I have seen her up close and person and she is a down to earth lady. She talked with me about some stuff about 10 mins. Did not try nothing cause I thought she was out of my league. But she was a sister who could respect a nerdy dude or educated dude without the hangups most black broads have who look good. Namely, most are not educated enough to engage in the conversation. Gigi is from Florida Too.

  10. E-Dub says:

    D@mn very nice.

  11. crabapples says:

    she got that gumbo creole booty. real nice. cnn needs to put her out front to improve their ratings.

  12. Luvsemthick says:

    Very very nice! I wonder if she’s a “cougar”.

  13. 206dee says:

    Thick Cheeks

  14. Big ALbert says:

    Yeah she got a lil’ hump back there
    I’d smash.

  15. Southwestern says:

    That thang look so soft and responsive. Type of azz your hands just sink into. What’s crazy is if they did an interview and asked her about it, she’d probably say “I’ve always been self-conscious about my weight, so and so.” I swear some of these thick beautiful women don’t know what they got.

  16. e39 says:

    u folks are late….u should have seen her 20 yrs ago. her bod was crazy. Suz has an identical twim sis u cant tell em apart. She a DMV gal and good peeps to!!!!

  17. tyo says:

    why is she single smart and holding that??

  18. Red_Corp says:

    Damn ya’ll see how the Mic Pack cord sitting between her Cheeks?

    I bet her ass tight

  19. TYBO2020 says:


  20. Fred Friendley says:

    Whats the f’ing matter with all of you, didn’t anybody learn anything in english class? FYI, it’s you’re not your, their not there. I really fear for the future of this country if the coming generations can’t even spell simply words. Might want to practice grammar instead of wasting your time on donk comparisons

    • Donald Dork says:

      She’s gotta a great donk, but so do a lot of women. Suzanne’s beautiful, though I don’t like her neck rings, eye bags, and jowls. She’s too old for me, but she still has it poppin at 46 years.

  21. cage says:

    Listen for the slip about :38 seconds in,http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhGhumOK5SU

  22. Mike says:


    She know how good she looks and doesnt care what anyone says.

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