Welcome To Club Spandex

· May 6, 2010

Welcome to club spandex where there is a mandatory dress code of……. spandex to get in. It’s the year of the spandex there stock is at a all time high, Summer time girls are going to look like there in a Salt n Peppa push it video. Which pictures are you feeling?

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Discussion17 Comments

  1. scog81 says:

    I’m going with Pic #6. Them 3 THICK AZZEZ right there. #11 is Banging!!! All they azzez would get piped.

  2. D says:

    #10 and #11 are bangin!!! #13 is swollen…geezzz, but i really like them all except the last one its like u gave up and just threw her in there!!!!

  3. Cold and hot says:

    I like all of them, but shorty in the blue man!

  4. trap101 says:

    Beware of the spandex. I call it the offsides trap. They make those asses look a lot juicier than they really are.

  5. halfmanhalfamazing says:

    #3 and #10 got my pick!

  6. southwest says:

    11 all day and night

  7. melloluver says:

    I’m choosing #11, with an option for #14. …that’s what I like!

  8. squadnigga says:

    i agree they all could get it

  9. Mo Yoda says:

    #14 OMG! She is ready!

    May day! May day! FLAG on the play!!! ON lil’ mama in the blue. After further review we suspect booty pads :-(

  10. King of 412 says:

    Shorty in the middle of pic #6 GOT DAMN!

  11. Edub says:

    10 all day!

  12. trap101 says:

    I concur Mo Yoda!! The ruling on the field is overturned, penalty for unsportsmanlike behavior, Loss of 10yds and a down.

  13. Mike Lowery says:

    2,5,7,10, and 14

  14. Swag says:

    2, 7 , 10 and the last b1tch is gorgeous

  15. Cold and hot says:

    #12 is a cutie too

  16. DIRTYFOOTE says:


  17. clouddancer83 says:

    I feel like I’m at McDonalds and I’m trying to decide what value meal I want…. So many Great & Delicious choices!!! lol

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