Weekend Wifey King Raychiel

· December 9, 2012

French Creole/east Indian/Puerto Rican King Raychiel is bizzack on ANS as Weekend Wifey. She is too damn fine, nothing less then a dime piece.




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  1. Just how we French folk make em :)

  2. NoJhoke says:

    How about you clean that toothpaste off your bathroom mirror tho!! (3rd video)

  3. TruDat says:

    I can’t put my finger on it but something’s “off” with this chick. SMH

    One Love

  4. ^TBM^ says:

    Great Post!!!!

  5. hehe says:

    John stocken pass looks wise 7 or 8. You watch more of here videos, and you know why I passed.

  6. Realtalkin says:

    Member the controversy surrounding her. Her face gets weekend wifey alone. Body (enhanced or not) is a bonus

  7. Big ALbert says:

    She bad but way too fake for me. And all of the enhancements show she’s not all there mentally.

  8. BullnBearHP says:


  9. damnshame says:

    Team Fairytales @ it again…..

  10. Scog says:

    I’ll Pound Her Azz. Fake Or Not. That Gif Tho. LOL….

  11. Tim says:

    She has been doctored you have to be blind to see it, Hahz that GIF is wrong and funny!

  12. EEKMAN says:

    Team Fairytales is really the gift that keeps on giving.

  13. NoWhiteInMyCup says:

    Wow not bad, not bad at all

    But on a side note i appreciate the GIFS, but at same time after about 10 they become a lil creepy, baby seem to have alot of time on her hand

  14. Someone Around says:

    Im sorry but i have followed this girl on Twitter, and I have a few issues with this chick….First off I hate the fact that she appears to be so real, and down to earth by saying she really doesnt like the compliments that she gets from guys. If a chick doesnt want thirsty compliments, u wouldnt keep posting your titties and ass left and right….So u not foolin nobody…She seem a lil…..LOT attention starved. Secondly i’ve seen the YT videos and chick is dumb as f@ck…How the hell do u spend 7 minutes talking about how pretty u think your hair is? really… And i hope other fellas might not be getting fooled this chick does live in the bay area (aka near San Francisco), its easy to be a man and appear to be a woman, especially when its thru a computer screen, (just look at her hands…Kinda big even for a girl right) even as a man I kno that a woman cant pick and choose her fat, Lets see, DDD titties, like a 26″ waist, and like a 55 inch waist?!? Not realistic at all…she has a pretty face, but that body makes me think twice! And with as dumb as chick sounds if she can make so many gif’s all day she clearly has too much time on her hands! I like my women smart and real….This chick is neither!

  15. crazyKidd says:

    In her vids whats with all the random “Let me stop and admire myself (Im so pretty), Ok back to the vid” breaks? AWKWARD!!

  16. BigRob says:

    The type of bitch I don’t even look twice at. Superficial. I bet this hoe think she better than other blk chicks cause of her hair. She cute and her body nice but she ain’t a 10 in da face. No hate just hate bitches who be made up like clowns

  17. TYBO2020 says:


  18. TheDude says:

    She needs to wear thongs. The Granny Panty Wedgie is NOT appealing… Even if you do got a big ass….Which looks fake as fuck!

  19. jamarxyz says:

    too many nationalitys in the bloodline = fruitcake.

  20. BJ says:

    Most of you are being critical, knowing good and well nearly all of you would smash– so why bash?????

  21. […] argument about Raychiel’s body being photoshopped is like arguing in a barber shop about who is greatest basketball in the […]

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