Russia is brimming with testosterone, Putin must be cutting the water supply with VirMax T. Little Miss Drago benches more than at least a third of the men watching this. I can’t figure out how she is benching like that from a modified limbo position.


  • WildWild

    WTF… she look like she gone hurt herself benching like that.. cute lil girl she better ease up tho.. be looking like a man b4 she get outta high school

  • judge joe brown

    They fcukin her all the way up….com’on son

  • BzB

    terrible form. her back gonna be all fugged up if she keeps this up.

  • MoorFedayeen

    Form doesn’t look as bad as the pic looks. Shoulders down, solid foundation on the floor and she even lowered the bar to her upper chest which limits the tricep help. Impressive for a girl and also a person that weighs 100 lbs. She’s big too.

  • edub

    Isn’t that the rule in competative lifting. Shoulder and Butt have to stay on the bench. Since she is very flexible give her and advantage because the distance she has to go down to her chest.

  • uptownrae


  • Mister Mister

    In that position, shyt looks like it’s so awkward it’s painful