Rick Ross gave himself an early Christmas gift by purchasing the 2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith, adding “another toy to the collection,” the “Money Bags” rapper said nonchalantly. The 4-minute vlog wasn’t all about his six-figure car, switching the topic of discussion to his highly-anticipated album, Mastermind. The release date will be announced at the top of the New Year, the “bawse” said.

“Some of the best music Rozay ever made, so for everybody that’s ready for that Mastermind, thank you,” the “No Games” rapper said.

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    SMH , i saw this coonery on on another site, i fucxx with ROSS at times but really , you bought a new car, he worse than meek mill immature azz.

    JAYZ making deals with SAMSUNG/BARNEYS, DIDDY got a news channel, h3ll flyod side chic posted a video of his 3 wraths.

    Its 2013 and in Ross’s position he a fool for even doing a video on this bullshiit.

    AND i aint gone even comment on the fact that his record label is called maybach, even though maybachs sales are down

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    This N.GGA named his record label after a brand thats going out of business, Mercedez is planning on shutting down the brand after this year because of poor sales

  • mike

    Damn the nigga cant buy a car with his OWN MONEY??? niggas on this site be sounding like some haters smh and rick ross got businesses he got a wings restaurants all over florida dude already invested his money into other businesses let him enjoy the money and life! cause aint he gon be young for ever one day you gotta die to leave all that money!! ASK STEVE JOBS WEALTH DON’T BUY HEALTH so enjoy it while you got it

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      My N.gga i aint neva hated on the car or the fact that he bought the car, all i stated that it is lame and basic for him to make a viral or video about buying a car.

      To me its the equivalent of a rapper showing off a necklace, Ross has been in the game for 10 plus years, at some point you get or should get to a stature to where you ddont have to show off a real car.

      That shiiit may impress you though, I aint neva seen one of jayz cars or bill gates cars, but i know they have them.

      • Omen

        Its actually inspirational for some people though. White people buy cars and do videos all the time with no hate from their people..their people actually support and get inspired by that.. but when a brotha comes up and does the same type of video its either, “showing off”, Illuminati, “he could have done something else with that money” , “you dont see jayz or kanye showing off their cars” etc… people of the world have a variety of different personalities and characteristics.. if he wants to show off a car let the man show off a car..

        At the end of the day, you can either take what you see in a positive or negative direction. Us as a black people have to do better and take everything positively. To me this is inspirational to hopefully come up one day and enjoy sittin in a Rolls or a lambo.

        The hate you project is still embedded even after 400 years.. you have to get out the house and field n*gga mentality and wake up to realness.. and take life for what it is.. its no room for hate

        • Cakes(overtime)

          Omen its not WHAT you say or do its HOW…and the difference between others and alot of black people well let me not say black people..ill say rappers,rappers tend to brag and look down on others there seems to be no humble or greatful spirit i.e. Tyga hashtagging levels to this shi* on a pic in front some car or the song by wayne and 2chainz look at you now look at us ..and there are countless of other songs with that tone..other people focus on the object like yeah I just got this car its beauriful I love it the engine is yada yada…so excuse us for not lapping up their bath water when bs like this is posted

          • Omen

            Its all how you perceive it. based from your statement I’m just curious.. what did rick ross do in this video aside from show a new car where he looked down on you though. there is nothing he said or did in this video that shows that.. So for young black youth who may have seen rick ross for the first time and seen this video.. It can be inspiration to them. When you are trained by society based off what you see after a while is when you make comments at your making. For some it may be inspirational, and for others it may seem like “doing to much” . life is all based off class now. its the real reason why racism exist. The only downfall us as a black race have now is we can’t seem to learn the system fast enough to become successful cause we are still trying to unlearn the past while everything is moving forward and evolving. Many blacks are getting wealthy and some you dont even hear about who brag about buy new cars, new houses.. if you worked hard for it then why can’t you show it off. wake up and get money and start appreciating and loving the true value of life.. money is not the root to all evil.. poverty is the root to all evil… the two secrets to being wealthy is good credit and a business plan.. instead of stealing from each other.. steal from the bank.. and flip it.. pay the bank back .. get more money from them and flip.. it will only work with a good business plan.. nothing is a secret or illuminati.. reading books on how the system works is how you get illuminated. you will realize how easy it is to get rich in america. there is a free book written by the federal reserve itself that teaching you how to get wealthy called Modern Money Mechanics. get knowledgible and focus on that success.. the youth needs more inspirational videos like these.. whether it be cars, houses, etc.. but this is a start.. he is a successful business owner and is employing the black youth in his camp. what more do you want him to do

        • pose

          I wish somebody would explain how is this “inspirational”….. I wonder how many Wraith owners have videos out.

          On the other hand, I really would ask rosay how he feels about the car’s satellite-aided transmission. who knows, I might get inspired!

          I understand that yolo sheit and all, but you ain’t heard Steve jobs go on shopping spree when doctors told him time is ticking….

    • eggsacly

  • Cakes(overtime)

    Omen I didn’t watch the video because ive heard his music before and unless someone says he’s changed his mo I dont want to listen to what he says..as far as a young person viewing this if he’s inspired most likely he’ll look up more on Rick Ross and quickly come across the ignorance..There is nothing wrong with enjoying your success and telling others about it but like I said its how you do it…if someone says something like “Hey check out my new car it rides so smooth youve got to get one of these,peep the rims it cost $$$ but f* it work hard play hard” this is showing off but in a way that’s not offensive or obnoxious and if I liked the car I would have no problem giving him props…Now rappers usually have a “yall n* lacking and im stacking” attitude they glamorize street life and waste(of money).when they are just lucky to have come up by putting rhymes to music.. there are people out here breaking their backs for years and I cant see them appreciating ish like that..I dont hear any legit business plans or encouragement of higher education so no I dont see the inspiration and no I wont support the foolishness

    • Omen

      People are only breaking their backs for years due to lack of knowledge of the money system and how it really works.. due to the lazy minds of people its easy to judge a person based off what the media gives. but people who acquire wealth notice how easy it is to become and stay wealthy, then the money becomes a game and fun.Like i said before some may be inspired and some may think different.. you can’t judge person based off what you see on tv, videos, and what they project. at the end of the day he is self made and is taking care of his family and enjoying life. The media never projects anything positive unless its to benefit the people who are controlling it. everyone is titled to their own opinion and lifestyle. not everybody wants to remain sheep(sleep).. people are waking up and starting businesses left and right, becoming self made.. and gettin money.. you can’t be mad at how someone chooses to do a video.. cause honestly people with money don’t really care about miniture things like what you talking about.. they laugh and say..” that’s whats up”..” he doing it”.. that is the mentality we should start getting into for the 2014 and beyond.. cause what you saying is a form of house and field slave mentality.

      Money is avail to everyone and you don’t need a degree to start a business. all you need is good credit and business sense along with an investment plan. its not that hard.. the media has you.. time to wake up from the media matrix and start getting self made.. your perception will change…

      • Cakes(overtime)

        Omgaaaaash Omen you are missing the point!!!! I understand what youre saying and I agree with some things like work smarter not harder..but trust,the media doesntt have me in fact its the opposite thats why when I see bragging on a “rapper’s scale” Im not kissing their azz nor am I envious because I know there is more to life..and I have yet to see the slave mentality in anything ive said

      • Cakes(overtime)

        Oh and I didnt say anything about having a degree to start a business, I know its not mandatory im not in elementary school..lol