Whenever Orlando’s own Wankaego heads to the club she always makes sure she turn’t all the way up. This particular Wankaego Wednesdays series was at Club Aja in Tampa,Florida on a Wednesday night. Looks like she had tons of fun.


  • SCOG

    Her Lil Sexy Azz Would Get It…..

    • Realtalkin


      • +2. Funny how all chicks nowdays think they’re the life of the party *shrugs*. I laugh at these misguided chicks.

        • huh?

          • @sheed, allow me to break it down 4u playa. How many chicks nowdays go to a club nowdays to just genuinely have fun??? It’s all about V.I.P access & bottle service & trying to make themselves appear to be “more important” than just a regular club goer LOL. It ain’t about dancing & having fun anymore,its more about instagram & twitter pics in the V.I.P with bottles of ciroc dancing with their girls LOL. *shrugs*. “The game is the game I guess”

        • presto 2.5


          **Prest at club wit 4-5 shortyz**

          **Wank weaves through broads…to get to the King**…”Hello…Wankaego nice to meet you”


          MGC…”On dat Real G shyt”

  • President Ward

    Gay h0es!

  • Playboy69


  • 206dee

    Lil sexy piece of work

  • DCAssLuva

    why these ass models and strippas think nigggas really wanna hear them rap ??? like they gonna get radio play talking about they asss all day and fucckkin

    • Tyuaza

      trina,foxy brown&lil kim did

  • mr.p

    Ever since I found out she was the chick getting f**ked in that Chad Johnson sex tape, her stock kinda went down with me lol