Video: Model Wankaego At Club Aja In Tampa, Florida Turnt Up

· February 1, 2013


Whenever Orlando’s own Wankaego heads to the club she always makes sure she turn’t all the way up. This particular Wankaego Wednesdays series was at Club Aja in Tampa,Florida on a Wednesday night. Looks like she had tons of fun.


  • SCOG

    Her Lil Sexy Azz Would Get It…..

    • Realtalkin


      • B Strait 3000(mega-corp)

        +2. Funny how all chicks nowdays think they’re the life of the party *shrugs*. I laugh at these misguided chicks.

        • Rasheed Lateef


          • B Strait 3000(mega-corp)

            @sheed, allow me to break it down 4u playa. How many chicks nowdays go to a club nowdays to just genuinely have fun??? It’s all about V.I.P access & bottle service & trying to make themselves appear to be “more important” than just a regular club goer LOL. It ain’t about dancing & having fun anymore,its more about instagram & twitter pics in the V.I.P with bottles of ciroc dancing with their girls LOL. *shrugs*. “The game is the game I guess”

        • presto 2.5


          **Prest at club wit 4-5 shortyz**

          **Wank weaves through broads…to get to the King**…”Hello…Wankaego nice to meet you”


          MGC…”On dat Real G shyt”

  • President Ward

    Gay h0es!

  • Playboy69


  • 206dee

    Lil sexy piece of work

  • DCAssLuva

    why these ass models and strippas think nigggas really wanna hear them rap ??? like they gonna get radio play talking about they asss all day and fucckkin

    • Tyuaza

      trina,foxy brown&lil kim did

  • mr.p

    Ever since I found out she was the chick getting f**ked in that Chad Johnson sex tape, her stock kinda went down with me lol